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IL Forno UAE Taste the True Italian – Dubai blogger

IL Forno UAE: Who doesn’t love Italian food? I’m sure everyone loves this cuisine and is always looking out for pasta and pizza all the time. In my house, We never missed a week without pasta or pizza. It is our go to meals and always excited to have one of each. Pasta is very easy to cook and you can play around it with different sauces and veggies and meat. The same with Pizza, as long as you have mastered that thick or thin crust that you like, then you can also just customize the rest of it, especially the toppings! 

I am very happy to share with you my new favorite Italian restaurant. Walking distance to salahuddin metro or Union metro station. Just at the back entrance/exit of Al Ghurair Center. You won’t be lost and very easy to find! I always when places are easily accessible to metro stations as it saves time traveling especially during rush hour. Their staff, Arif is his name was very nice too while looking after us and our orders. I love when the staff are making us feel comfortable during our dining experience.

FOOD: For the food we got some lovely dishes that I already checked via their website menu so I am ready to order by the time I arrive at the restaurant. I suggest you come early if you’re ordering any of the meat in their menu. We came to the restaurant but only 1 customer and It took a bit of time to wait before it was served to us but since we are not in a hurry at all, I don’t really mind. Also please take note, that they will serve a big portion of sides from your meat order like soup or salad so you can have that instead while you’re waiting, which is really good to prep your stomach for the meaty dish that is coming. 

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STARTERS: We didn’t order any starters but if we had a chance, I would have ordered their chicken wings and Arancini which I’ve never had for so long! Instead of ordering those, our Mains came with starters which I didn’t know as it wasn’t written in the menu or I just didn’t see. Starters from the Mains are big servings of Soup and Salad! Plus, they will give you small flat bread sticks with dips of marinara and pesto on the side which was delicious by the way! 

MAINS: For the mains, We ordered their Pepper Steak and Salmon Grande. Both mains are served on sizzling plates and separate bowls of sauces and separate long plates with their sides (different from the starters). As I mentioned above, mains came with the starters of soup and salad.

  • Pepper Steak is perfectly cooked! I usually have a hard time chewing steak but I love how they cooked my steak this time, Melt in my mouth and the pepper sauce was lovely. It came with a separate plate of potato wedges and a slab of mashed potatoes.
  • Salmon Grande was really good too. My daughter loved it paired with french fries and sauteed mixed vegetables on the side. I suggest eating the salmon grande while it is hot as it gets a bit dry if you wait as long as we did as I was taking too many photos and videos for my content.

But overall, we enjoyed the Mains and sides and starters as well. We are already full before the Meat even comes to our table haha Their portions are really big for me and I am not complaining at all because it is worth the you money and more servings for you to enjoy the food. 

DRINKS: For the drinks, we had something refreshing. Watermelon and Strawberry mojito! I love that both drinks are not too sweet for me. Strawberry Mojito is a must to order ! 

DESSERTS: Of course! Do not forget the dessert. We ordered tiramisu and blueberry cheesecake. We tried not to finish it as we don’t want to feel very full as we need to ride the metro home. But there were only a few left haha Tiramisu and blueberry cheesecake combo are definitely amazing and of course, the serving portion is also big than what I would usually get.


By the time that we are halfway finishing our food, the whole IL Forno UAE Restaurant is almost full! Especially the outdoor area. Definitely this is the time to enjoy al fresco dining seating outside while you can here in Dubai. I’m not surprised at all seeing how much people are eating there. Servings are big. Worth the money. Staff are very nice too and approachable which I always like. Of course any place that is walking distance to the metro is a big win for me! I am already dreaming of that steak right now. I highly suggest visiting them. They have various locations all over the United Arab Emirates for you to try their dishes. I would want to come back as well and try their Arancini, ravioli and pizza, or anything on the pasta and pizza menu that they have. 

Thank you so much @ilfornouae for having me and my daughter. We both enjoyed every little bite of the food that was served to us and we are very happy trying out the true italian taste. Must try for everyone for sure. Can’t wait to visit again =)

Until next time, Cheers! Jane =)


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