@cafe302dubai Your go-to Place for any occasions!

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@cafe302dubai Your go-to Place for any occasions! – Dubai blogger

@cafe302dubai – I am very happy to share with you everything about this place. It is the very first time I came here and definitely impressed with everything! I’m not even joking. This place is everything you want it to be. A restaurant, a coffee shop or whatever you want it to be. All I can say is, if you haven’t been in this place, then please go as soon as you can. 

LOCATION: @cafe302dubai is located in Burjuman Mall Level 3, same floor as Prime Medical, Fitness first and The Edge adventures. What’s really good is that it is a walking distance to Burjuman metro station and it is always the best when you can just come somewhere and it is connected to the metro station. @cafe302dubai is on a quiet side of Burjuman Mall and definitely a place where you want to hang out or do everything with food related. 

AMBIANCE+STAFF: When I first walked into @cafe302dubai I felt like this place was too elegant for me.  The setting of the whole place and the ambiance while you’re there dining is such a different level of eating compared to just being a normal coffee shop setup. By the way, this is a coffee shop too! But a level up to your normal ones you always go to. It is very quiet there, just like a peaceful place to have a good conversation and enjoy the moments. The place is very spacious! Good for events, celebrations and meetups, etc, Even with social distancing, this place is still recommended. They also have an outside area, where it looks quirky and fun, so you have a lot of choices when dining there. May I also share how lovely and nice the staff are! Mohamed and Mel (hope I got their names right) were both very attentive and it feels like they are just a friend of ours!


FOOD: Food is definitely good. The serving for each dish is bigger and is way more than I expected. I mean you’re getting more than what you’re paying. Of course, big serving is always a good idea, but you are gonna love to hear that they are also delicious. 

STARTERS: We had Lentil soup with crispy pita chips and lemon on the side and Asian Beef Noodle. It had Grilled beef steak, mango slices, tossed greens, scallions, peanuts, and sesame soy dressing. Lentil soup serving is definitely for starters and I would recommend it. But if you want something big for starters and perfect for sharing, I do recommend Asian Beef Noodle! This Asian Beef Noodle is served on a huge plate and every bite is just amazing! 10/10 for me! I would come back just to have that again. 

MAIN: For mains, we had beef steak with grilled onions, sweet and hot peppers and thyme. Another one is Seared Salmon with crushed garlic potatoes. The steak is perfectly cooked as my friend wants it, she enjoyed it as a steak lover. My seared salmon is also huge! I was already full halfway not even finishing my starters. Salmon was juicy! Kudos to the chef! For extra order we had Buttermilk chicken burger and the burst of taste when you bite is just something different. I would recommend this as well. 

DESSERT: For desserts, we ordered cheesecake and carrot cake! The slices are both huge as well and taste heavenly! Carrot cake has chocolate bits in it! I am mind blown. 

COFFEE: We had iced white chocolate latte and white chocolate caffe mocha, my friend and I verdict are both coffee are a must have when visiting there! We are totally going to come back just for it.

VERDICT: overall the @cafe302dubai is the perfect place for anything you want your day to be. Be it a simple coffee run, a breakfast, lunch or dinner, or workspace! If you also have any celebrations, name whatever it is! It is definitely going to be awesome if you celebrate it here. The spacious location, friendly staff, delicious food, good location, what else can you ask for? This is definitely my go to place! If you want to visit, please bring me! 

PROMOTIONS: Follow their instagram account @cafe302dubai to be updated on their amazing offers and promotions! Currently, they are having a 21aed for 21days offer on the menu! Also do not miss their Unlimited Breakfast! Of course, I’m going to come back and try this all. Let me know if you  want to come and enjoy the food with me =) 

Thanks @itsburjuman and @cafe302burjuman for having me! It was a delicious night for me! See you again very soon! Until next time, Cheers, Jane =)


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