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Spanish Wine Tasting Class Boca Dubai- Dubai blogger

Wine, wine, wine. When I was in Singapore, my drink was Vodka and Orange Juice. Then I moved to Malaysia, it was tequila shots and frozen margarita. Now I am living in Dubai, Wine is my new love. White wine please. Sometimes red or Champagne haha.

I’ve been having white wine and cheese for dinner after my gym workout and boy! It tastes delicious. I’ll have 2 glasses of white wine every night with cheese and biscuits and I’m ready for bed. I did stop having white wine for a few weeks now but while writing this I kept thinking why did I stop haha So cheers for the weekend! White wine for tonight’s dinner. Someones got to finish the half bottle in the fridge right? 

Another lucky day for me, I was able to attend the invitation of @thetastingclass to attend their 4-course Spanish wine and food pairing dinner at Boca Dubai located in Financial Center with my friend and that experience was memorable. Grateful to experience this and lovely meeting new people who also love wine like myself. 

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That event @thetastingclass costs 290aed. We had 4-course and 4 different spanish wines to enjoy and drink and I was already full by the second glass haha. Somehow drinking wine makes me feel full right away with just a little bit of food to eat. Is that the secret? Why are wine drinkers and french people skinny? I’ve seen Emily in Paris on Netflix and discovered that french people have this wine for breakfast and I got excited! I thought one day I should live in France haha so I can drink wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner if that is the only place it is allowed for me to do it without anyone judging me haha Believe me, I can only have little of alcohol in my body and I can’t swallow or drink anymore after those bits. 

Moving on, The names of the wine and the food are on the picture or my youtube vlog, Video below if you’re interested about their names for you to enjoy as well. Every food was delicious and the wines too! I was done the very first time they served me the red wine though, Red wine is way too heavy for my stomach that I try to avoid it at all times haha but I can definitely have one glass and that’s it. Least favorite was the last one. See it on my video below. It was very sweet for me but ok to drink by itself rather than having it with anything else. Tried to still drink it because I can’t look and waste a wine just like that. Having it with the dessert was not a bad idea but after that sweetness, I can’t have it again haha. I discovered during this wine tasting that I actually like dry wine as what she says so i guess dry wine it is. But there are so many kinds of wine out there! I need to try them all. 

@thetastingclass is having a Dubai Vine Festival this November and you should definitely book your seat now! Attend all of them if you must because they have different schedules for different topics or events and if no one wants to go with you, Just let me know! I would be happy to accompany you, but you have to pay for it though haha I’m kind of on a tight budget right now haha but I’m willing to come hehe. 

Thank you so much @thetastingclass and Lindsay! for having my friend and I. One experience to remember and totally enjoyed the experience and if you’re reading this, please do book yourself and a friend to try this now! You’ll definitely love it! Strongly recommended to do it if you’re in Dubai.


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