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Filipino Food in Dubai Ibis Hotel Al Rigga – Dubai blogger

Filipino Food in Dubai: If you’re looking for where to eat budget-friendly filipino food in Dubai, then you are in the right place! I wanted to share with you my experience trying out Ibis Hotel Al Rigga Filipino Food in Dubai where they serve you a bunch of filipino foods in Dubai in a very lovely setup which I totally love! 

So the offer is 49aed per person, every Thursday, 7pm-10:30pm at The Lounge Cafe right on the hotel lobby. You can have and enjoy filipino delicacies with grilled foods, soup, unlimited rice and unlimited iced tea which is just amazing! Of course the order comes with filipino dessert. The lady who was serving us that night says that the dessert changes every thursday so you’re totally in for a delicious surprise! Ibis Hotel Al Rigga is nearby metro union station and al rigga station so you can enjoy the beautiful weather of Dubai right now and walk there as the traffic can get really bad on thursday nights, I’m sure you already know that. 

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The staff who was there were all very friendly! From the manager, the waitresses. So love the ambience there. The Lounge Cafe is vibrant. Seating arrangements are really good with social distancing as well. You can book a table just for yourself or for a couple of friends or for the whole family and group! They have seats for you and definitely social distancing as I’ve said earlier. The best part is the outside seating is also available if you want to eat outside to enjoy the amazing weather of Dubai right now, unless you don’t want to smell the smoke from the people who do their cigarette break there, then just stay inside. Plenty of space for everyone.

Overall, the place is lovely! The Filipino food that we ate tasted authentic and very filipino so your taste buds would truly be thankful. It is also budget friendly and serving is big as well, I ordered for two people, my husband and I, and we can’t even finish half of it and took them home. If you cannot finish your foods, you can tell the waitress and they’ll bring you containers so you can pack it yourself as the foods cannot go back and forth to the kitchen as per covid rule. Bring your reusable, eco friendly bags please! 

I guess that is all for today! Hope you like my blog post. I do want to come back soon. So if you want to join me please DM me on instagram and let’s do this! Eat together and enjoy the food. Thank you so much again for dropping by here. if you have any questions about Ibis Hotel Filipino Food in Dubai Just send me a DM on instagram @tauyanm! Or leave a comment on my youtube channel! Looking forward to hearing from you! Check out their instagram as well @ibisalrigga


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