Exciting Super Sup Fit Class at Drift Beach Dubai

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Super Sup Fit Class at Drift Beach Dubai- Dubai blog

Never would I have thought that I would be so lucky to experience @supersupfit at Drift Beach Dubai. Super Sup Fit is a HIIT, Yoga and Pilates classes on SUP boards. 

Located in Drift Beach Dubai every Tuesday and saturday 8am & 9am One class costs 120aed including VAT and Jumeirah Golf every sunday 10am – 11am at the club house for residents and members only One class costs 200aed. There are packages available if you want. You can CLICK ME and visit their website.

We were scheduled for Saturday 9am but my friend and I decided that we should go there early to enjoy the sunrise walk from the metro to Drift Beach Dubai. Off we went to the metro at 6am and walked and enjoyed the sunrise and arrived very early at Drift Beach Dubai to enjoy and watch the first 8am class of Super Sup Fit. It was exciting watching them knowing that I will be the next one doing those moves on SUP board. Take note that I have never tried SUP on my own before. I did SUP HERE for the first time but I literally just sat there for one whole hour holding the gopro while my friend did all the paddling. She did it many times before hehe

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Moving on, it was our time to do the Super Sup Fit and we were very excited of course. There is so much pressure that time as I am scared to fall during the class. It looks easy but it is definitely not! Imagine yourself wobbling the whole routine and trying to balance yourself to do the exercises properly and try not to fall haha It was hard work. In the video below you can only see that we did all the routine one time only, but the whole 1hour of super sup fit exercises you need to do them three times. It looks easy watching us but as I’ve said it wasn’t especially if you can’t balance yourself.

It was a beautiful experience and definitely the choice of music playing during the whole one hour was amazing! Nothing like good music playing to help me stay focused. TIP: so if you want to try this super sup fit at Drift Beach Dubai and I strongly suggest  you do it with a friend, While doing the whole exercise routine, do not look on the board! I repeat! Do not look on the board. Look away, straight away. Not the board or water as it will make you lose your balance and fall, so Look away, look straight somewhere else and you’ll thank me later and as Sophie Malpass said, Embrace the wobble.

Thank you so much @supersupfit and Sophie Malpass for having my friend and I. One experience to remember and if you’re reading this, please do book yourself and a friend to try this super sup fit now! You’ll definitely love it! Strongly recommended to do it if you’re in Dubai. 

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