Christmas Market! Support local vendors in Dubai

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Christmas Market! Support local vendors in Dubai – Dubai blogger

Christmas Market: It’s the holiday and who would’ve that we were just accepting the new normal, pandemic is still here. In Dubai, as you all know everything seems to be normal. Everyone is out. No lock down, parks and businesses and events are still happening like there is no Pandemic. To be honest with you, Dubai never went down in new cases, number is going around 1,000 since the city opened up last August. So yeah, I can’t really comment on this topic that much, maybe one day hehe But this is an update. 

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Christmas is upon us and this is supposed to be the most wonderful and happy month of the year. All over the world are celebrating, everyone happy. In Dubai, we do have covid, and we do celebrate Christmas! @sevaexperience is one of the places you should visit if you want to find some inner peace in yourself. Plant-based food is available @sevatable and enjoy the fresh air and greenery outside in their mantra infused garden. A Studio is also available for you to try some meditation and yoga. @sevalabel is where you can find those crystals, handmade soaps, ethical skincare products, anything wellness and for the better of your mind, body and soul. Excited already? I can’t even wait to come back again!

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It was a 2 days of fun and discovering new local vendors in Dubai. Everyone sells eco-friendly, sustainable products and food that mother earth would be happy if we all were on her side and tried to stop climate change. 2021 is another chance for us to change this and help. Every little change helps! So many ways to do it, so why not try one everyday, sure it is not that hard yeah? Have a meatless monday, stop using plastic bags when shopping and bring your eco-friendly reusable bags. Plant more greens! Trees! 

I also tried their matcha latte and it was really good. I do get this slight headache everytime I drink matcha and if you know why, please DM on instagram @tauyanm because it does feel weird and not good because I do love matcha. I would definitely want to come back and have a meal outside in their garden and just relax. So you’re coming, bring me please! Let’s have a chat and both enjoy the goodness. You can also join our ladies community @ladieswhoonline as we do Meetup events as much as we can and try to give our full support to local vendors and businesses in Dubai, UAE. 

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