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So another foodie blog for everyone today! My friend and I went to @dxbbeachcanteen to join the @dubaifoodfest I attended my vinyasa yoga class at the @studiodxb (blog about that soon) and then walked to sunset mall nessnass beach for the food festival. I met up with my friend @inflexible_yogini there and since we were early we took some Yoga photos and videos for Instagram materials.

It is my first time to come and visit @dxbbeachcanteen as far as I can remember, the past 2 years they invited me to the opening with other media/bloggers/influencers but this year I received nothing haha but that’s alright! No hard feelings here. Maybe next year? Haha


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LOCATION: @dxbbeachcanteen is located at Nessnass beach behind sunset mall and roda hotels. Right at the beach! So you can have something to eat, enjoy the view or get your tan or swim too!

AMBIENCE: The place is very colorful! I love it! Since we were very early Came right at 12pm most of them we’re just preparing and starting things they needed to do. It is alive over there and really cool place to visit. Although, I just wanna say that the music choices were kind of not so nice, to think that families, kids were there. Like in one of my video the music were lyrics were repeated as “all my friends are dead” and that is not really cool to hear while having lunch I suppose. Then we have Cardi B songs which was ok, But more of like something nice, sweet and cozy songs would’ve been better to relax while enjoying the food and view.

@dxbbeachcanteen, @dubaifoodfest, jane fashion travels, tauyanm, food festival, gopro photo, dubai blogger, filipino blogger

STAFF/SERVICE: I just wanna say that everyone was very friendly there! From their security guards, food staff and everyone! It was a breeze knowing that you’ll see friendly faces.

FOOD: Since it is a Food Festival, We were there for food! So many food choices! We had a beef hawaiian slider with fried from @pinkburgeruae and then some momos from @moshiuae and Churros from @churrosbyybrd There’s a lot for you waiting there! I would totally love to try the cheetos pasta, wofl_me, fringsdxb, sausagefabrique, hola delights! And may be all of them haha sure it would be fun!

VERDICT: @dxbbeachcanteen @dubaifoodfest is an amazing place for lunch and dinner with families and friends! Probably better to be there at lunch, have some tan, swim at the beach, chill with yummy foods and don’t forget to take your instagram photos to share with everyone! Tag me @tauyanm and I’ll repost it!

The event is from February 21 to March 9 so hurry up! And have fun and have food!

@dxbbeachcanteen, @dubaifoodfest, jane fashion travels, tauyanm, food festival, gopro photo, dubai blogger, filipino blogger

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