8 Mistakes Men Still Make When Buying Engagement Rings for Their Partners

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Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task for the unprepared man. Mainly because it’s extremely easy to overspend and be stuck with a ring that she doesn’t really like. Right from large chain jewellery stores to online shops, there are plenty of places offering plenty of options. The plethora of options only makes things more complicated. To help you find the perfect ring for the perfect price, following are 8 common mistakes men make when buying engagement rings.

Not Setting a Realistic Budget

How much you spend on an engagement ring is totally up to you. Do not get swept away by how much your neighbour or friend spent buying engagement rings for their partners. Trying to outdo them by buying a more expensive ring can leave you with buyer’s remorse. The key is to set a realistic budget and make sure you stay within that when picking rings. Just go online or browse a few jewellery store shelves to get an idea. Remember, this is just a reconnaissance mission, you are just there to find the price and nothing more.

Buying the Ring a Few Weeks Before the Proposal

Never rush the buying as it often forces you to buy something that you don’t really like for a price you are not comfortable with. Allow yourself time to look for both online and offline selections and then make a well calculated decision.

Not Looking Beyond Chain Jewellery Shops

Chain stores are great but they often sell engagement rings at steeper prices. Also, it’s almost impossible to negotiate a better price when you are at a fancy jewellery shop. To get the best price buy UK engagement rings online or go to a local jewellery shop.

Not Getting a Second Opinion

Unless you are a jewellery expert, it’s best to get a second opinion before committing to a particular ring. Ask someone to tag along who knows about cut, clarity, and colour and thus prevent you from getting duped.

Paying Using a Method That Gives Away the Surprise

A lot of live-in couples have joint bank accounts or have one credit card that they both use. Using a payment mode that your partner has access to can potentially ruin the surprise.

Not Considering What She Likes

While it does matter for you to like the ring, it matters much more if she is going to love the ring or not. Take her personality and likings into consideration when making the purchase. For example, a woman who loves understated designs and minimalist concepts would probably never like an extravagantly gaudy engagement ring style.

Buying a Ring that Cannot Be Returned

While most readymade rings can be returned, custom engagement rings in the UK are almost never returnable. Therefore, if you want a custom ring design, then be aware of the fact that you can never get a refund if things go wrong.

Impulse Buying at Department Store Jewellery Shops

Department shop jewellery kiosks are probably the worst places to buy engagement rings. These shops usually have a collection budget rings, which are mostly poor in quality. What’s worse is that the shiny lights of the department store make the rings look more appealing than they actually are.


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