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Before anything else, I would like to say thank you for visiting my blog. I am writing this blog post about my own personal experience doing 3days water fasting. I did 4 days fasting before and so I decided to do 3 days water fasting now to jumpstart my new routine. I did read everything on the internet and watch probably most youtube videos about water fasting and those who actually did it. It was amazing how they’ve achieved so much after the fasting so, Kudos to those who did it before and keep on doing it as their new lifestyle.


For my preparation, I’ve already thought A month before and I decided to choose the perfect date/week to do this. A Week before, I only drank 1 cup of coffee a day, and try not to eat anything heavy. I felt headache after my nap that week probably caffeine withdrawals, because my body is used to drinking lots of coffee. I tried to motivate myself too by watching fasting youtube videos and read a lot that anything falls on this topic.

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DAY1: Tuesday

My first day of water fasting, I was just at home the whole day doing some blogging. I thought that I felt it was easy that I’m not hungry or anything but really bad headache that night after my nap. Then I showered and then went to bed. That was all it! Nothing major.

DAY2: Wednesday

Second day of water fasting, I woke up ok and felt that my body is very light. Around 10am I felt a little bit of headache but not that bad. I went for a quick walk to the grocery to get some freshmilk and siobao for my daughter. I did cook some chicken breast for my family’s dinner. I felt hungry every hour, like it’s torturing me haha Then I started googling food, like hot pot and food with tomatoes as I was craving for them that day. Then, I had a nap and wake up, did some few social media work, showered and slept.

DAY3: Thursday

Third day! 5:30am I woke up really good then prepare my daughter to school. Around 8-9am i started feeling a bit of cramps on my stomach or more like heavy feeling on my lower tummy. I then went for a sleep as long as I could that morning. Woke up 11am and tadaaa! My period has arrived and thank God, the cramps or lower tummy heavy feeling was gone. Hungry feeling is still the same as Day2 but I am not googling any food pics anymore haha the day went on fine, No headaches or anything like that. My husband arrived home around 4pm and we had a nap, woke up 6pm and I felt really good! I don’t even feel hungry, or anything like that. I also felt full from drinking water. So the third day was ok for me. I had a shower around 8pm then watched a movie with my husband and slept.

DAY4: Friday

Already! Today I am feeling really good no hungry feeling or headache, just perfect. I was thinking if I should continue my fast or not, but I decided to break my fast instead. We went for grocery around 12pm then home at 1pm, at my first meal! I ate 1 dates with pistachio in it from cafe bateel, then I had chinese palace as usual the cravings was really bad haha, I had my normal Hot & sour soup +  springroll first, then had my noodles + orange chicken. I then ate my leftover around 9pm rice + beef with broccolli. It felt good! I also had popsicle Ice cream, Never been satisfied and totally enjoyed that day of food! Woke up from my nap @6pm had a cup of black coffee then iron clothes for the week, I showered then Slept around 12am and wokeup for another day.

DAY5: Saturday

2nd day of breaking my fast, No breakfast like yesterday. For lunch, I had subway Italian BMT on wheat bread with sweet onion sauce + 1 double choco chip. For Dinner, I had 1cup of rice + 3egg omellettes with small onions Used my hand to eat and deym! It was glorious! I had 1 popcicle icecream after. Showered then watched movie. Slept around 12am.

During my water Fasting, I thought it was better if I walked around somewhere nearby where I live to change the scenery and do something and not get bored. I’m a stay at home mom so during my fasting, I felt that I needed to move or do something but there’s nothing to do, unless to go out. I’ve never felt so bored in my life hahaha. Although I thought it was going to be dangerous for someone who’s fasting to walk around by themselves. I was scared thinking that I’ll collapse or faint and ended up in the hospital haha that was my way of thinking.

I supposed if you’re doing this 3days water fasting, try to plan something to do that it is light for you to move or do something so you won’t get bored, get busy! Or much better if you are working in the office sure time flies by!  This water fasting reminds me of how much I spend time just for eating, How I use food to make myself feel occupied or use food as an excuse that I am doing something but I am just eating haha

Also, I just wanna point out that I decided to do water fasting not because I wanna lose weight, but because I want to reboot or detox my body and let those toxins come out and everything that comes with the benefits of water fasting. Of course losing weight is one of them but that reason is way behind my list compare to the other benefits of water fasting.

Now that I finish my fasting, I felt good! I repeat, that I did 4days fasting before so I am already prepared and know what I am doing. Now I already missing it So, I decided to do a fast for 5days on weekdays and eat on weekends 2days. Will keep you guys updated on how I did on this blog or Follow my instagram for more live updates =) instagram.com/tauyanm @tauyanm

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