Why do Most E-Cigarettes Look like Pens and Markers?

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Why do Most E-Cigarettes Look like Pens and Markers?

Several studies have highlighted the dangers of smoking tobacco, which is known to contribute to most reported cases of lung cancer, among other cancers. The risks posed by smoking tobacco have necessitated the introduction of vaping and e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been used as a healthier alternative to normal cigarettes, with their different types of available flavors increasing their popularity.

While at first the e-cigarettes were used with large and conspicuous vaporizers, technology these days is changing, with different forms of e-cigarettes being produced that appear to be pens and markers. If you take a look at the current vaporizers, you will notice that they have shrunk in size and are slimmer. We have new vaporizers on the market with a completely different design.

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Why do they look like writing instruments?

Most of the e-cigarettes we currently have on the market have been disguised perfectly to take the form of pens. The shape and design of e-cigarettes allow the users to conveniently carry their e-cigs with them, as they can enjoy their puffs where vaping is allowed but smoking is prohibited. Some entertainment and recreation facilities, like bars, clubs, and restaurants, are such places that allow vaping but prohibit smoking. Furthermore, e-cigarettes do not require a match to smoke them. As such, the shape and design of e-cigs, which mimic writing instruments, allow one to enjoy their favorite vape flavor in so many places.

You deserve the best, so as you shop for your vaping stuff, opt for first-class products from a reliable company like ePuffer , one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vaping flavors and e-cigarettes. With such a choice, you will get to enjoy your e-cigs with class and style, not forgetting that it is healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Pens and markers are portable

There are places you cannot go with a pack of cigarettes, but nobody is likely to stop you from entering a restaurant simply because you are carrying a pen or a marker. As mentioned earlier, e-cigarettes do not require the use of a match; instead, they are powered by batteries, which are used to transform the liquid nicotine into a vapor. This means that you do not need a lighter, which would give you away.

Another advantage that e-cigarettes enjoy is that there is neither fire nor ash, meaning there will be no smoky smell.  At the same time, the flavors used do not contain substances that may be considered harmful, like those that are usually associated with ordinary tobacco cigarettes. Having an e-cigarette design made to appear like a pen or marker certainly implies that you can conveniently go with it almost anywhere you want, as it is not bulky, and you can enjoy it nearly any time you want to.

These designs are easy to use, and will not easily give away that you vape

Some individuals do not like the people surrounding them, be they family members or friends, to know that they enjoy their puff. This is where e-cigarettes perfectly come into play. Unless you use the products in front of them, it will be hard for others to notice that the pen you are carrying is actually an e-cigarette. All you have to do is turn the power on and enjoy your e-cigarette. The only concern about this design is that students may be able to sneak these devices into school.


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