6 Dressing Mistakes You Should Never Make When Attending a Wedding

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6 Dressing Mistakes You Should Never Make When Attending a Wedding – Dubai Blog

There is a difference between looking good and drawing too much attention, especially at a wedding. Following, we are going to mention a few dressing mistakes you should never make at a wedding. It will draw everyone’s attention from the newlyweds as they are busy looking at you.

  1. All-White

There is nothing wrong with wearing an all-white dress, but a wedding is not the venue for it. You will compete the bride to be, and this is not something you should intend. So, you better stay away from white or similar shades including cream, off-white, eggshell, etc. There are several versions of one color. 

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2. All-Black

Yes, you can show up at a wedding wearing some black, but don’t go overboard with this idea. You are not mourning; instead, you are celebrating a union. So dress lively. You need to add a pop of colors with your shoes, accessories or top layers. 

You can’t show up a wedding wearing all black. There is a reason why wedding dresses come in a variety of bright colors.

  3. Sparkles

Glitter is not bad unless you go crazy with them. Glitter and sparkles are an easy way to draw too much attention towards yourself. You don’t want to become the center of attention at a wedding. So, make sure your dress isn’t very shiny.

The only thing that should shine is your jewelry. So, tune down everything else.

4. Copy the Bridesmaid

If you are close to the couple or know anyone around the party, you can ask them the color scheme before showing up. Yes, you can inspire certain elements of your dress from the bridesmaid. Just don’t make it too identical to them. Otherwise, people will just take you for another bridesmaid. 

5. Show up in Casual 

There is a difference between smart casual and too casual. Yes, you may look great in your sweatshirt and hoody, but they are not meant for a wedding. You don’t want to show up for a wedding like you just rolled out of bed. Weddings are formal events which require effort to dress up. 

Yes, you can dress up in your denim, but that’s only for the trouser, never show up in a denim shirt or jacket, it just looks awful. You have to pair the denim with a blazer. 

6. Bad Footwear

Beach Wedding Dresses are casual, but they still need to be paired with the right shoes. The key is to make sure your footwear is appropriate to the venue. You cannot wear stilettos at a beach wedding. The same way, you can’t wear flip-flops or sandals at a formal wedding. So, be careful!

People dress to impress at weddings. They look forward to meeting new people and leave their impression on them. Dressing smart can certainly help you do that. But this doesn’t mean you should wear plunging tops and outfits which offer a sneak peek in your undergarments. Be careful with your dressing and avoid flaunting your undergarment.

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