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POWER CYCLE DUBAI – A Brazillian Inspired Workout – Dubai blog

I’ve always searched for new ways to enjoy fitness rather than be stuck at the gym all the time 2019 is no different from last year as everything I see on Instagram or every social media is still focus on healthy eating and being fit. There are so many fitness routines or regime we can follow, Just up to you if which one do you enjoy the most.

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Before 2018 ended, I was lucky enough to review this Brazillian Fitness Concept called Power Cycle Dubai. Located in JLT, JBC 5 building, 1st Floor, cluster W – Dubai walking distance to the Metro Damac which is really food, I always like places that are near to the metro so I can easily estimate my transportation time and other things.

So I was given one month to enjoy the Power Cycle Dubai experience despite being so far from where I live, It is a lot more easier for me as it is very near at the metro station, No excuses there. Power Cycle Dubai also offer so many other fitness awesome experience that you can try but since the name Power Cycle Dubai, I just focus on attending their 9:30am Power Cycle classes the whole month.

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STAFF were all very friendly! I didn’t feel any weird feeling to any one of them as everyone is just legit super friendly and super nice and approachable. It feels like home everytime I go there, I did enjoy every minute I attended the classes.

FACILITY: The place is located on the first floor. In the morning it can get very busy so it is a good idea that they are only located on that floor and you can just walk up and down the stairs without the trouble of waiting for the elevator. It is very clean and smells good. Everything is organize, they have a water refill which is good so don’t forget your water bottle!

Towels and cycling shoes are available to you won’t need to worry about that. Bathroom is very clean too! Showers, toilets, blow dryer, everything you need to refresh after a good workout is already there and of course locker!

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POWER CYCLE experience was amazing. It’s been 2months since I attended my last Cycling class and I definitely miss it. Although, I really wanted to go to their location, It is too much to think how far it is for me haha it takes around 30minutes on a train ride just to get there. Their instructors were very good and nice. I love how they push you to the limit and gives you advice all the way until you finish the class.

They give you good motivation and confidence which I love since I suck at these cycling sessions haha I felt good but I’m always on the last list haha I also love that power cycle Dubai gives you that boost in the morning. Definitely recommended for everyone to book on their website and try their classes especially power cycle below.


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LOCATION: JBC 5 building, 1st Floor, cluster W, Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai +97142944989

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