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YO SUSHI! Eat all you can Sushi Buffet in Dubai – Dubai blog


Who doesn’t like Sushi? I mean who doesn’t love sushi? I think everybody does even the pickiest people love it. Living in Malaysia we do eat a lot of sushi, Food there is so affordable compare here in Dubai. We move in Dubai 3 years ago and the number one craving is Curry Laksa and Dimsum and sushi!


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Curry Laksa in The Noodle House is around 50-60aed for a one bowl serving compare to malaysia which you can buy around15-20RM or cheaper and big serving + fried wontons. Moving on to sushi, I’ve been always on the hunt of affordable sushi in Dubai. I found one before that does delivery and it was so affordable but I think they suddenly vanish.

I stumbled upon a sponsored instastories on instagram(obviously) and checked out the promotion of unlimited sushi and the restaurant is called YO Sushi! Which we have a branch in a nearby shopping mall.

sushi, sashimi, buffet, food in dubai, dubai blogger, filipino blogger, tauyanm, jane fashion travels


Unlimited-Everything in the Menu for 119aed every Sundays, Tuesdays,Wednesdays.

Eat All You Can 139aed every fridays is their newest promotion.

Blue Plates for 18aed every mondays

3plates 45aed – 7plates 99aed – 9plates 119aed every thursday, friday, saturday

We tried the 119aed unlimited and it was worth it! Just cannot remember how much food we ate so we didn’t really know how much were all the food we ate in total when using the regular price. We also did the 9plates for 119aed and we only manage to eat 2rows of 9 plates and then 3plates so 18plates = 238 + 3plates/45aed = 283aed all in all + the 3 drinks we ordered and a miso soup.

I suggest you avail the unlimited 119aed eat all you can on the menu because it includes the drinks and everything on the menu as it says. We haven’t tried The other 139aed promotions yet but looking for to it as my husband is already craving for it haha

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sushi, sashimi, buffet, food in dubai, dubai blogger, filipino blogger, tauyanm, jane fashion travels

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