ESQIDO GEL EYELINER PENCILS | Quick Cat Eye​ Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

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ESQIDO Gel Eyeliner Pencils in Black and Brown – Quick Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you don’t know yet, I’m a fan of cat eye looks! I never forget to apply it to any makeup look that I make or even the simplest one! I can never count if how many eyeliners, liners, gel liners or whatever you call them I already have in my makeup bag anymore!

Too many! And guess what? Each of them seems to have a problem, either it gets dry because its cold during winter or doesn’t stay for long day out, or not even gliding smoothly and colorsgive me a horrible look because it is a bit dry to , for me.

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Well, Am I just lucky to have some friendly people around sending me good vibes! I got two Gel eyeliners from ESQIDO one black and brown, just perfect from the holiday events I need to attend to as I’m running out of liquid liner for my next makeup look. I received it couple of months ago and with all the house moving and other things I needed to do I only got the chance to film a makeup tutorial using the black and brown ESQIDO gel eyeliners about a week ago.

Sorry to keep everyone waiting! Hope the wait is all worth it! Totally loving the ESQIDO gel eyeliner pens! Easy and Smoothly glide to my eyes and both colours are stunning! Now that is all I need! Watch out for the my instagram account @tauyanm or jane fashion travels and watch my future stories as I use these black and brown gel eyeliner pens to all of my future makeup look in dubai or even when i’m traveling! Also don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more east makeup looks! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TOO! =) Hope you guys will love it!

esqido gel liners, esqido lashes, dubai blogger, tauyanm, filipino blogger, jane fashion travels

“Experience the benefits of a gel eyeliner with the convenience of a sharpenable pencil. With intense color payoff, ultra-smooth glide, and a waterproof, long-lasting lightweight formula, the ESQIDO Liner is your new holy grail” -ESQIDO

“The ESQIDO Eyeliner is specially formulated for all day wear, and to deliver continuous flow with smooth even lines. Packed with product in a retracting mechanical body, combined with a silicon ring closure to provide an airtight seal, the eye liner is made to last” -ESQIDO

Visit ESQIDO website for more products! That I’m sure that you guys are going to love! Highly recommended! I tried and tested and totally love it! Perfect gift! =)

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