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Looking for wedding dresses or bridal dresses in Dubai? Look no further! House of Moirai Bridal is here to the rescue! Designed for the free-spirited bride and Hand crafted in Dubai. Officially launch their new #HOMTHECOLLECTION last December. Congratulations!

Attended the event and it was indeed a good night for everyone! Amazing Bridal dresses of their new collection were displayed and open opportunity for every guests to get up close and personal to see and touch the gowns. If you are looking for bridal dresses – wedding dresses in dubai then this is the place for you! They do customized bridal dresses whatever, however you want it.

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The designer herself Barbaranne launched her bridalwear label House of Moirai, Ready to wear bridal dresses in Dubai and would like for the brides to Think outside of the box hence, you can customize your bridal dress. I met the designer herself twice already, First, during their wedding pop-up in La Ville City Walk and 2nd their official launch. Such an amazing woman and may I say she looks gorgeous! Also love her hair!

For the love of fashion as you know me already, I am so looking forward to see them on the runway here in Dubai! Their collection is amazing! And totally recommend them!

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