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Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is off to a good start. With everyone’s new year’s resolution or may I say “Goals” is the new word for that? So what are your goals this 2019? Any changes? Habits? That you want to start doing, But I’m sure all of us are starting the year right by eating proper food! You can still eat all other foods of course as we know that anything in moderation is always good.

We are all busy to go to work, to send kids to school and busy for some more other things, which I know that all of us knew already! The reason n why definitely most of us are forgetting to eat a healthy breakfast! There are many types of people when talking about preparing breakfast. There are types of people who prep meal, or go to shakes in the morning, But there are also people like me who doesn’t eat breakfast at all. Which I think is not bad, it’s all about your own personal view and what you prefer and what are your goals.

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During the Kellogg Arabia Event, Rime Raya (nutrition expert for more than 9years) Pointed out that a healthy breakfast is very important! Which we all agree! Yes? She also, pointed out a lot of good benefits when you eat a balance healthy breakfast anything, whole grain, high fiber, protein rich, some fruits, milk! Also Eating Kellogg Arabia cereal in the morning is another way you can have your healthy breakfast without too much effort in the morning!

Now during the event, She also asked us if who don’t eat breakfast and who don’t! Majority ate breakfast, and There were 2persons who don’t eat brekky! And yes! You are correct! 1 of the 2 is ME! Hurray! haha

In my own personal view, I am more active and do more work when I don’t eat breakfast, I don’t feel sluggish, Don’t feel sleepy and definitely don’t feel hungry until late lunch. I love that my body is used to not having food for breakfast, I definitely save money, spent my time much more in doing something else, and I supposed Maintain my weight.

Now, I do eat breakfast sometimes, specially when traveling Just so because, I paid for the Breakfast, and hotel breakfast is awesome! Yes? I had some sashimi and all the seafood i can eat on my last Trip to Muscat, Oman! One of the memorable amazing breakfast I had!

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The problem is, I’ll have breakfast at 9am and few hours later, I’m hungry again haha Then I’ll just get hungry every couple of hours after eating. You Imagined what happen in that situation? I know all the good things! Breakfast is Fuel blah! Blah! Blah! All those nice things about eating healthy breakfast, I’m sure it all depends on how and what we do in our everyday life, and I don’t really do much and just at home so I supposed I don’t really need breakfast to just sit on the chair every morning and start my work hehe

But for those of you who eat breakfast, Keep on going! I do support everyone’s opinion. There is no right or wrong, Even those who are on diets, Keto, Intermittent fasting, Do what makes you feel happy, Don’t let anyone ruin your goals, It’s your body. I do recommend having some stash of Kellogg Arabia Cereal at home for those on the go and quick healthy breakfast, specially good for kids! They also have some range of vegetarian so all of you are in good hands! Go ahead and have some Kellogg Arabia Cereals and enjoy the day! Don’t forget to focus on your goals and what makes you happy!

Thank you so much Kellogg Arabia for having me and The hundred wellness centre for the awesome location! Don’t forget to visit them in Jumeirah! The place is awesome!

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