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Living in Dubai and being a fashion blogger still, i know you guys haven’t seen me posting much about lookbooks or OOTD. But, I am always on the look-out for something really good and fashionable and practical to use. Moving here in Dubai, I decided not to just keep on buying new clothes because I know I’ll have to leave it all when I move to another country.

One thing for sure I’ll be keeping are those practical ones. Recently I discovered LEMON MINT DUBAI A wrap beachwear that you can style as many different looks as you want and for sure that you won’t get bored. You can also get something for your kids and perfect for gifts! You wouldn’t even notice that it is a beach wrap once it’s styled perfectly!

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Definitely you don’t want to miss on buying this beach wrap is the fabric is amazing! I’ve never felt so soft beach wrap in my life! I can’t really tell what kind of fabric it is but it feels really good and super soft! Not like towel fabric or anything like that or not even like sarong it is different and it won’t disappoint!

I am still on the hunt for amazing and practical things to use here in Dubai so please Follow my instagram for more live updates =) instagram.com/tauyanm @tauyanm and connect with me there! DM me if you have any other recommendations that we must try in Dubai!

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