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The Posh Village Event in Dubai Design District – Dubai blog


Met up with my friend @daliaawehbe in Dubai Design District for an event! Posh Village.

Posh Village is a new concept, luxury exhibition space. Each event hosted by them celebrates design and quality from both regional and international artisans, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship behind the luxury items that are on display, together with the hands that design s and make them.

The name “A Starry Night” was derived from the story behind the Posh Village. They Continue to explore the corners of the world to find the exclusive designers, artisans, and artists. If you were to look up into the starry night and for something, you may find it at the Posh Village soon after.

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Posh Village hosts exclusive events throughout the year. A starry night of fashion is the first of many exhibitions designed to celebrate and showcase “beyond the brand” Every designer, artist, product, service and person can tell their story to their client, face to face.

Visit their website for more information: www.poshvillage.com

Instagram​ their instagram for the latest updates: instagram.com/posh.village.d3

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