Dating More Than One Person at a Time

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Dating More Than One Person at a Time

It is not simple to find a worthwhile partner with whom you will spend a significant part of your life, or with whom you wish to have a relationship for whatever reason. Nevertheless, technological advancements have simplified all spheres, including dating or finding a soul mate.

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When it comes to dating, you may choose to date one person or several at a time. Dating multiple people at once seems like a good idea for those with feelings for more than one person, which is quite common, or if you want to explore the depth of open relationships. It also depends on the individual, since there are people who may find it hard to date more than one person at the same time.

Dating More Than One Person at a Time

Here are a few dos and don’ts to observe when dating more than a person:

Do keep the benefits in mind
Maybe you have previously dated one person at a time but never took the time to consider what you wanted out of this relationship. As you date several people simultaneously, you may assess what each adds to your life without feeling the pressure of being with only one person. You can be objective and choose the person that best suits you.

Don’t assume they will not find out
Despite the many precautions you may take to keep your relationships separate from each person you are dating, in cases where you pose as if you are only dating one person alone, there is a very high probability you will get caught. You may end up losing all the people you were dating, for instance when you bump into one of the people you are dating when in the company of the other, and he or she calls you out on it.

Do ask yourself why you want to date other people
Identifying the reasons why you are seeing two or more people at the same time may help you to understand the whole thing. Maybe you are getting over a previous relationship, or you have recently divorced and would rather not get attached to one person. If one person feels that he or she does not want to continue dating you, or if you dislike something about him or her, you can easily end the relationship and carry on with the other one.

Don’t date to boost your ego
You have to be honest with yourself and identify clearly if you want to have several relationships at the same time only to feel good about being wanted or supposedly loved by more than one person. If your sole reason is to boost your ego, but you actually have no interest in the other people, then you will most likely not sustain the relationships.

Do recognize that you have other options
You can get tons of lessons on what you want or what to look for in relationships by dating several people. However, you should not feel pressured to have to settle with one of them. None of those people may be a good fit for you, and you can opt to end it with all of them and be single or to start to date another person.


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