House of Bazaar in Mall of the Emirates with Alessandra Ambrosio

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House of Bazaar in Mall of the Emirates with Alessandra Ambrosio

Hey loves! Today’s blog is all about my experience in House of Bazaar in Mall of the Emirates with Alessandra Ambrosio! If you don’t know her she is one of the famous Victoria secret models! I was so lucky to be finally invited to this coveted event that I just used to watch from the crowd every year and probably it is a good karma that brought me here to this event because I work hard on my blog for so long enough that I totally deserved this and be one of the guests that seat inside the House of Bazaar in Mall of The Emirates.

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The event was rather very quick! To be honest, I waited longer than The actual Alessandra Ambrosio Interview. The good thing about waiting was, I was sitting next to a lovely girl on my left side and we were chatting and enjoying our drinks and snacks and that was fun for me. While the other girl on my right side who arrived more earlier and I tried to have a conversation with her but she’d rather take tons of selfies and tons of photos of her designer bag and shoes. Oh wells, I bet she’s very happy looking at her selfies and all that stuff and Thank God! This Girl on my left Side came and she was wonderful!

The event started not so late but just the usual. Duh! What’s new haha Well, It is because The Guest Alessandra Ambrosio had to get some burger and fries If I’m not mistaken. Correct me If I’m wrong! Haha, maybe some shawarma I guess? But You can’t blame her for feeling hungry. We waited just fine for around not so long, We were fine really haha!

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Then the show started! Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief, Louise Nichols, Opened the event and greeted everyone! She then introduce Alessandra Ambrosio and played this game where there’s a bowl full of questions, they asked her 23 questions in total. Most questions she had picked from the bowl was more about her daughter and her victoria secret modeling. I was more rooting for a more fashion style, makeup/skincare hacks or health tips rather than a random question from a bowl. They both did a great job with the questions, and Sure did I enjoyed the conversation.

After the bowl full of random questions, Alessandra Ambrosio and Louise Nichols took an Instagram insta- stories and I definitely spotted myself there but very very quick haha It was a pleasure to be in her insta-stories of course. After that, The event was finish and all of the guest queued outside the House of Bazaar to take a momentum photo with Alessandra Ambrosio, First few people got so lucky to be able to have a selfie with her using their own cellphones but then after that we were told outside that Phone selfies are not allowed, only Professional Photos taken by an ITP media group photographer.

They said they were gonna post it on Mall of The Emirates facebook page, I reached out October 14, and they replied saying that they are going to post the photos but still haven’t posted until now! I mean I’m not that Excited to see my photo next to a supermodel but It was kinda worth it to have one as a remembrance haha So please stay tuned and I’ll post the photo if Mall of the Emirates keep their promise and really post it unless They won’t really going to post it, haha and All of us were just forgotten then it is a total bummer hahaha! If you wanna know the feeling if how it’s like being next to a supermodel, Please just private message me or send me an email or slide me a DM via Instagram @tauyanm and I’ll tell you everything! Haha

Overall, My first experience attending the House of Bazaar in Mall of the Emirates is incredible! Big thank you to @Roseminsworld and ITP Media Group and Harpers Bazaar for the invitation. Hoping to attend more of this event in the future! God knows, How I’m a big fan of Harpers Bazaar and being in this event is just memorable.

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