The Royal Gala in Palazzo Versace

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The Royal Gala in Palazzo Versace 2018 – Dubai Fashion Show

Attended The Royal Gala in Palazzo Versace and I was so overwhelmed by all the experiences. This Fashion show is strictly for invites and VIPs only so I was totally happy to receive the invite and to experience The Royal Gala.

I arrived in the Palazzo Versace Ballroom and was overjoyed seeing everyone! The sitting arrangement is amazing, also there were no names on the chairs as this is strictly for invites and VIPs only so it’s a free sitting! Anyone can sit to where ever they want even on the front row.

I arrived early (like I always do) and check if where can I sit and where can I take good photos and videos without interrupting anyone or annoying any guests sitting around me. There were lots of empty front row seats but I didn’t sit there as I thought that maybe it is reserved to someone else or just to be in a safe side and not be called out and move to some other chairs then that would be a big embarrassment for me.

Also, I wasn’t informed if I’m supposed to be joining the dinner after the fashion show (so maybe I’m really not supposed to go for dinner?😂). I’ve been to many royal gala fashion shows before, and the setup is always the same, all the guests are seated on their assigned dinner tables, the show starts and also the dinner starts so while we watch the fashion show we are all enjoying our dinner as well, which is different as what I’ve experienced at the royal gala.

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In The Royal Gala in Palazzo Versace. We watched the show first and I don’t even know if I’m supposed to attend the dinner! Just to let you know 3guests sitting next to me were all asking me if we’re all gonna eat dinner and I just said maybe not because they didn’t say anything about it on the invitation haha (obviously).

Although, isn’t it unfair? We were there so early, it started an hour late, and finished watching the whole show clapping and giving supports to the models and the designers and we don’t get a dinner?? Haha, #smh anyways this is just my normal rant if you guys know and read my blog always. Don’t take it too personally, but no dinner? really? 😂Haha LOL

Moving on, I was glad to attend The Royal Gala (even if I didn’t get a dinner) it was a really good platform and opportunity for me to meet, see and explore new designers. All the designers were really good! All from different countries! My personal favorite is the @yasgonzalezofficial Cuban-American designer. Please give some time to add the designer’s list as I am still waiting for the organizers reply about that information.

Overall it was an amazing experience! Thank you so much The Royal Gala for the invitation, really appreciate you guys having me on your guest list! You guys really did a great job! Love the setup and everything! Wish to attend more of the gala shows in the future! And maybe dinner? Haha, #jokebutnotjoke🤣 =D

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