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Blaze Burgers in JBR Dubai UAE – Best Burger in Dubai – Food Blogger


It was a lovely Saturday Morning, Met up with my girls and enjoyed our delicious pizza’s! Moving on, After that lovely afternoon full of pizza, we headed to JBR the walk and spent some time walking around The Beach JBR, took some nice photos and after a while around 4-5pm we felt that we needed some food to eat asap! And also to celebrate my friends birthday so we walked around and tried to find something interesting to eat for dinner.

Walking around, we stumbled upon Blaze Burgers in JBR Dubai We thought that the place looks interesting from the outside with that humorous display from their entrance with a very nice and cozy looking tables and couch if you also wanna chill outside.


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Blaze Burgers is a very popular burger joint from Bahrain. It was established in 2011 in Bahrain and only has one and the only branch here in Dubai.

Food is all about the Burger of course. As they present you the Menu, You will be able to go through all the pages and customize your own burger, fries, starters and all that they offer. Which I think is really good if you are very specific with what you want on your food or may I say burgers. You can enjoy all the ingredients that you like and savor them slowly to enjoy the taste. You can also tell them if how you want your burger to be cook or be done? Rare, Medium, well done? Just let them know.

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Below is the Burger I customize for myself and some others to share with my friends:

Meat = Gourmet wagyu burger is a premium blend of selected beef cuts makes that juicy burger irresistible to beef lovers. Australian Wagyu. Weight: 200g

blaze original = lettuce, pickles, ketchup, mustard, homemade pickled onions, cheddar cheese, and burned cheddar which is the best part of Blaze Original.

Bun -soft brown bun

-Onion rings with awesomeness sauce
-Scoopers is like a wedge fries with cajun toppings
-Crazy fries = melted cheese, crispy onion strings, beef bacon bits, awesomeness sauce.

-Blaze on the beach mocktails with peach, lime, cranberry, orange juice
-American Mojito with lime mint and soda

We found out later that night that they also have the best seller that you don’t wanna miss as we did haha😂 It is called 6ABooga Burger aka the Brick Burger The bestseller in their Bahrain branch and here in Dubai too! On top of that, They are also offering Signature Burger for their October special With your choice of toppings and buns stuffed with real cheese!

After some chitchats and gossiping with the girls while eating our customize burger and fries, we thought that we should order some desserts to finish off after eating our sumptuous yummy burger meal. But then the waitress that night told us that all of their desserts are not available that night, something she says about the ice cream delivery.

I thought that that was a real bummer for customers if they were looking forward to something sweet to finish off after the burger. But yeah, that was sad. I Guess, maybe we should come back to try all their yummy desserts and see how it’s like! I was excited ordering them that night because they were all instagrammable haha but yeah…

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Staff was all friendly and easy to approach. We even asked one of them to take our group photos and I can see how she gave her best to take it. They greeted us upon arrival and explained how the menu works and guided us all through the process of ordering since it was our first time there, They delivered the food and say each foods name and put on our table in a very nice way. You’ll feel special by the way they served you the food on your table.

When ordering your food, You go to the counter first and customize your burgers and other food you would like on the side. Next step is to go to this wonderful open cabinet or the shelf where you can find all the sauces or condiments that you like! Put it in a basket next to it and off you go to your table and wait for your orders to arrive.

Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with really nice artworks or graffiti on their walls. You can also find some very interesting details that you’ll be lucky to find yourself or ask the staff as I did. I felt energetic while inside the restaurant. I guess, something got to do with the awesome graffiti artworks around me full of colors mostly red and blue and those light bulbs felt like rock n roll with a burger. I bet the Avengers or Iron Man would totally come here and dine-in haha 😂 There is also music playing in the restaurant but maybe they can turn it down a little bit as I realize that I can’t focus when having a conversation with my friends with their music playing that night, maybe turn it down a little bit and it will be perfect! Did I say that this place is also for the Instagram lovers? Yes, it is!

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Blaze Burgers only has one and the only branch in Dubai it is located in Sadaf 4, The Walk at JBR, Dubai, next to Starbucks and just a few steps from Movenpick Hotel. Open daily noon to 2 am. Tel: (04) 242 4523. Visit their website Follow them on Instagram @blazeburgersfacebook and twitter. Hashtags: #blazeburgersuae #blazeburgers

Overall the restaurant is really something you should totally wanna visit one day and I assure that you guys are gonna make yourselves crave for all the food they serve and hoping that desserts are available, so maybe check that first if you want something sweet after the burger. But, if you just really wanna experience customizing your own yummy burger and other selections they have and see how the place looks like, you will definitely hands down love it as we did! I’m even already craving for it right now just writing this post.

We were so happy to find this restaurant. Never did we expect to have such an incredible time here for at least a few hours and totally enjoyed our customize burgers and other selections. The experience was good, we didn’t encounter any other problem except for the Dessert that is not available that night. They served the food fast and easy! And seeing them happy to serve us is just amazing You cannot beat a good service and friendly staff ready to serve you with happy faces pair with a delicious, juicy burger. Totally Recommended for you to try!


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