How to Handle Your Kids During Travel

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How to handle your kids during travel – Filipino Blogger

Traveling with children can be tiring and cumbersome if you do not know how to handle them. They become bored and restless very quickly.

Kids have needs that are different from adults,and you need to factor this when making travel plans. You need to keep them engaged during travel.

While each kids’ needs are different, there are certain tips that you need to take into account whenever you are traveling with kids. This will ensure you have the ultimate travel experience.

Take your time
Kids walk at a slower pace than adults do. When traveling and sightseeing slow down so that they can keep up with you. Kids are also inquisitive,and you will need to explain things to them regularly. They will often ask questions on various aspects of life. Give them an ear and try to answer their questions in the best way possible.

Consider their Preferences
What you want to see is different from kids’ interest. Before you go for a trip try to learn what the kids prefer and factor this in your travel schedule. Since this is a family vacation, everyone needs have to be factored in without shooting up the budget. Brazil offers many tourist destinations that you can visit with your family. However, you will need to get a Brazil e visa to enter the country.

How to handle your kids during travel, jane fashion travels, tauyanm, filipino blogger

Book your Hotel in advance
If you are traveling with children, then it is paramount that you book your hotel rooms in advance. It is hard navigating a new town with kids while looking for a place to spend the night. The children are already tired,and they get cranky – which results in them throwing tantrums.

Carry with your toys
Kids have a short attention span and get bored easily. After hours traveling they will start looking for something interesting. It is wise to carry with you their favorite toys or a tablet with their favorite shows. When the kids are engaged, you are better able to focus on your vacation. You can also carry with you coloring books, puzzles,and jigsaws to keep them engaged.

How to handle your kids during travel, jane fashion travels, tauyanm, filipino blogger

Pack for the weather
Packing for kids requires you to consider unfavorable weather patterns. If you are going to a park remember to carry for them jackets. Make sure you bring extra pieces of clothing for those unexpected accidents. If your kid has yet to learn potty training, then you will need to be prepared for constant changing of clothes or diapers.

Make the trip interesting
Kids are curious and what better way to make the trip interesting than using public means. Most kids are thrilled traveling on a public bus, boat or train. However, you need to keep them seated through the trip otherwise they will make the trip a nightmare for the other passengers. Also, ensure that you apply for your Brazil e visa when traveling to the country.

Young kids often suffer from minor ailments like colds and flu. Before traveling ensure that you have stocked enough medicines for the trip. If you are going on a road trip, carry with you a first aid kit because children tend to fall a lot when playing. Some essential medications to carry include Calpol for those times they get a fever. Carry with you a bug repellant just in case your hotel room has mosquitoes.

Always keep a watch on them
Children get lost a lot when traveling. Since they are alwayscurious, they can wander away to find something interesting. Things can get worse if they are kidnapped. Always keep an eye on them when you are in public places. Hold their hands when crossing roads or when using public transportation. Ensure that their hotel room is next to yours and check up on the frequently during the night.

Avoid Sweets and sugary drinks
You can be tempted to give your kids some sweets to calm them down,but this only gives them a sugar rush and causes them to be hyperactive. If you are to provide them withsnacks, find those that are low in sugar or have natural sugars. This includes fruits, cheese cubes or bagels.

Engage the teenagers
Teenagers tend to sulk through the trip,and they may seem detached from the rest of the family members. Before leaving for the trip involve the teens in planning for the family vacation. They may shock you with activities they would want to do. Discuss with your travel agent on activities that can involve the whole family.

How to handle your kids during travel, jane fashion travels, tauyanm, filipino blogger

Apartment rental
Renting a hotel with kids can be frustrating with all the crying and jumping around. The alternative is to rent an apartment. This provides you with the necessary privacy that you need as a family. It also provides the kids with enough space to roam around and play. Furnished apartments come with washing machines, cookers,and satellite television and this creates a homely atmosphere. An apartment helps you to stick to a budget.

Create couple time
You will need to allocate some time during the trip where you can be together as a couple. Adult time enables you to bond with your partner and take a rest from your daily lives. If you have teens, you can ask them to take care of their siblings as you go out for dinner.

Carry some items from home
Kids become uncomfortable when they are far from home. You can personalize your apartment or hotel room with stuff that they are familiar with. This could include your daughter’s teddy bear or a family photo that reminds them of home. You can also purchase a cheap camera for the kids so that they can capture their favorite moments. A picture book can help them conceptualize their trip and what they enjoyed most.

Traveling with kids can be challenging,but by taking into account some of the tips mentioned above, you can make their trip more comfortable. Involve the family in your travel plans and make every effort to keep the kids engaged during the trip. Avoid giving them sweet things as this will lead to a sugar rush,and you will find yourself with kids throwing tantrums everywhere you go.


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