Seven Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Program is Failing

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Seven Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Program is Failing

Have you tried to lose weight unsuccessfully? Has it happened more than once? This article could help you finally understand why.

Weight loss programs are notorious for failing. Many people find it difficult to lose weight. You may have tried to lose some weight yourself but have been unable to do it.

Weight loss failure is often blamed on bad dietary habits. However, there are other factors which may also contribute to failing programs.

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Here are a number of key reasons for failure that are often overlooked.

You have unrealistic expectations
Many weight loss programs succumb to unrealistic expectations. When starting off your program, you may have had an expected course of success. You plan to lose a certain amount of weight within a certain amount of time.
Usually, weight loss is difficult, unsustainable and fluctuating. You may not achieve all your goals within a set amount of time. Following other people’s successes as a guide for expectations may also result in unrealistically high expectations for your own program.
Many failed programs have often been cut off prematurely because the people trying to lose weight might have been unsatisfied by the progress made. You need to understand the complex nature of weight loss, and be willing to shape your expectation as you progress with your course.

You do not sleep enough
Sleeping for enough amounts of time reduce the body’s impulsivity. You are less likely to eat unhealthy snacks if you are well rested. It may also positively impact cell metabolism. By failing to sleep for the recommended amounts of time, which is at least eight hours for adults, you are prone to having unhealthy dietary practices.
Failing to get a full night’s rest will cause you to be more prone to cheating on the restrictions placed by your weight loss program. You could also develop insomnia, which encourages additional calorie intake during the time you spend awake.
If you take medication to help you sleep, the side effects could affect your weight loss program. For instance, ambien side effects include engaging in activities while your body is in a sleep state. You may be eating without knowing that you are.

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You do not eat all your meals
The common misconception that skipping meals can help you lose weight is misplaced. You will not lose more weight just because you do not eat your lunches. In fact, it could make you more likely to fail.
Skipping meals affect your daily calorie intake. You will be more likely to have a heavier intake during the two meals which you will have during the day. The additional calories will only be broken down into fat, which will counteract the progress you may make.
You will also be likely to eat snacks and unhealthy fast food options to enable you to skip meals. These snacks could increase your intake of calories, fats and sugars, which are not recommended for weight loss programs.

You only want to lose weight because of peer pressure
The right motivation can be the difference between success and failure when you want to lose weight. You need to understand why you want to lose weight. It has to be drawn from a desire to lose weight. Are you trying to lose weight because you want to?
Many people fail because they are pressured by their peers and weight loss TV shows to lose weight. You will only be likely to succeed, and to prevent any future uncontrolled gain if you are self-motivated to lose weight.

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You are impatient
Weight loss is never an instant change. You may lose weight progressively, as well as pick up a few pounds once or twice. It is necessary to stick to your course even when you may not think it is working as expected.
Many people fail to adhere to their programs because they expect too much too quickly, and are quick to disregard any potential benefit because of this. If it isn’t making instant changes, then it must be faulty.
This is where most people go wrong. You should be patient and loyal to your program in order to be successful. The changes will come if you give it a while and continue to live healthily.

Your program is not suited for you
You may have been inspired to lose weight by watching other people do it. You have tried losing weight with the same approach they did, but have not seen any results. What could be the problem?
Weight loss programs should be personalized to meet your demands. You do not need to lose weight with the program requirements of other people.
There are other factors to consider when making a weight loss program. Your body may also have different metabolism rates to people who you have seen succeeding. The rate of loss of weight and other factors that may influence weight loss, such as their proximity to exercise facilities may also change the rate at which you lose weight.
You need to develop a program that is suited for you.

You don’t have fun while losing weight
Weight loss is not torture. You should not hate having to go through with your program. It should be an enjoyable experience that will help change your life.
Most people fail to lose weight because their programs do not accommodate the need for a little excitement.
If you want to increase your likelihood of success, you need to incorporate healthy habits that will also be fun for you. For instance, instead of being restricted to the gym for exercise, take up dancing as well.

Final thought
While losing weight may be difficult, you can find the perfect program that will make the experience enjoyable, and motivate you to stick to the course. You need to understand why you want to lose weight, set realistic targets for weight loss and customize a plan to suit your needs.
Without proper preparation, it may be difficult to stay on course, which will hinder any chances of success. Failing to understand your motivation for weight loss may also result in careless practices that will cause you to gain back all the lost weight.
If you understand your program, are committed to it, have support and design it to suit you, you will be more likely to succeed.


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