The Common Types of Bottoms You Can Wear With Traditional Kurtis

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The Common Types of Bottoms You Can Wear With Traditional Kurtis

Kurtis has become must-have attire in the wardrobes of millions of women, not just in Asia and India, but in the whole world. This is because of their versatility, comfort, trendiness, and affordability. It is on the piece of dressing when you can turn to when you need to look elegant for virtually any type of occasion. Working women love them because they are handy and will always make them look smart and professional, while young girls like them because they are trendy and will always make them feel and look their best.

The Common Types of Bottoms You Can Wear With Traditional Kurtis, tauyanm, jane fashion travels, dubai blogger, filipino blogger

There are various ways of styling Kurtis, and it will interest you to know that so many are the styling options that you will never lack an intuitive way to use kurtis to get amazing looks. While you consider the styling options, you will always think about the right bottom to pair with your kurtis, and here we give a few suggestions on the various common types of bottoms that will always work well with the traditional kurtis. Take time and explore all of them so that you are not out of choices or fall a victim of being attached to just one type of bottom when you have a plethora of options at your disposal.

The Ole Salwar
The combination of salwar and kurtis has been around for ages, and it is by far one of the most preferred ways of wearing kurtis by most Indian women. So versatile is the combination that you have a myriad of ways for altering it to make it look as traditional as it is meant to appear.
You have the freedom to use your imagination and make it look edgy and more modern. But as you consider salwar as a possible bottom for your kurtis, there are a few things worth having in mind so that you get the most from them. They include the followings:

  • Salwar has a way of making the traditional kurtis look shorter than they actually are, and this makes them ideal for showing off a few kurti if you think you are wearing a unique design and which you would like people to notice.
  • It is not a must for the salwar to be cringed at the bottom to get the perfect combination with the traditional kurtis. People like the cringed ones just for the sake of it, but it not to suggest that if it is not cringed then you won’t look amazing in it.
  • Though they are versatile and can be used almost for any occasion, they may not be the best fit for very formal settings such as for attending interviews. This is because they are considered more traditional and there is nothing formal or corporate in them.

The Common Types of Bottoms You Can Wear With Traditional Kurtis, tauyanm, jane fashion travels, dubai blogger, filipino blogger w

Wearing kurtis with skirts is always a wonderful combination if only you take the necessary precautions to let you get the most out of it. For longer skirts, shorter kurtis should be considered, and for shorter skirts, longer kurtis should be considered. This is the first rule of thumb when it comes to pairing skirts with kurtis the right way.
However, if it happens that the kurti have slits in the front which are able to show the stomach region, then it is usually recommended for the length of the kurtis to be elongated so that it can stretch all the way to the ankles. Again, to get very good results for this combination, a kurti with intricate details should be paired with a solid colored skirt, lest a lot of attention will be diverted from the kurtis to the skirt.

Aladdin Salwar
Aladdin pants are also a very good option for pairing with the kurtis because of their unique designs and the versatility they can bring as far as grooming is concerned. These pants are usually short, and mostly made of sheer materials and they are very great in giving a silhouette structure of the legs of the person wearing them.

They can be used to create an impression of height for those who are vertically challenged but still want to look great in traditional kurtis. For better results with this pairing, the pants should never go beyond the waist region. They are ideal for pairing the kurtis for social or informal occasions such as with party kurtis, festival kurtis or wedding kurtis.

The Common Types of Bottoms You Can Wear With Traditional Kurtis, tauyanm, jane fashion travels, dubai blogger, filipino blogger w

Harem Salwar
The harem salwar is not anything new and doesn’t require any kind of formal introduction. This is because they have been a trend for long and they have also been a favorite for many celebrities. They are ideal for both sexes and one of the best options you will ever have if you want to try something new with your kurtis. With the nature of their designs, just be sure not to have a longer kurti as this may conceal most of the design elements of the harem salwar.

Palazzo Pants
Palazzo pants are also a great choice of bottoms for the traditional kurtis. The pants have taken the combination to new levels that were never thought possible in the past, and they are just the perfect kid of bottom if you are looking for something to create some sort of sophistication in the combination.

They can be used with both short and long kurtis and they are ideal for ladies who are a bit conservative and don’t want to drift too far from the rules. If you are looking for the right bottoms to pair with your kurtis for formal looks, then you will never be disappointed with the palazzo pants.

The Common Types of Bottoms You Can Wear With Traditional Kurtis, tauyanm, jane fashion travels, dubai blogger, filipino blogger w

Jeans seem like a natural bottom for almost all kinds of kurtis, and not just the traditional kurti designs. This because jeans are versatile, and they are already a favorite wear by most women in India and around the world. But for the best results out of combining jeans and kurtis, it is vital to ensure that the kurtis are not too long. In most cases, you want to highlight the features of the lower body when you wear jeans, and if the kurtis is too long, this may never be achieved.

The other types of bottoms that will also work well with kurtis include dhoti pants, cigarette pants, Afghani harems, wide legged pants, leggings, and jeggings. Be sure to check out Stylecaret for more kurtis designs as well as more befitting bottoms to ensure that you never lack choices when it comes to pairing your kurtis with the right bottoms.


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