10 Keys Characteristics That Build Healthy Relationships

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10 Keys Characteristics That Build Healthy Relationships

Getting into a relationship is just the initial phase of commitment. If you really want to be with someone, you need to build this relationship over time. Building relationships are about nurturing them with love and trust. It is all about the journey together, as one and not two separate individuals. Even though no two relationships are ever the same, there are some common things that go into making them healthy. Let us highlight these characteristics which denote that your relationship is a healthy one.

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Taking interest
If you take genuine interest in each other’s lives, then the bond between you is real and strong. Talk about your personal and professional lives, share joys, discuss problems and brainstorm as a twosome to find solutions.

Laughing together
A couple that laughs together stays together! Find joy in little things and cherish happy moments to build memories together. When you are together, be positive and try to look at the brighter side of things.

Accepting each other
A very important attribute of a truly healthy relationship is genuine acceptance. Accept each other as you are, with strengths and flaws. Do not judge the other but make efforts to help them overcome their weaknesses and become a better person.

Making positive interactions
When two people are really keen about strengthening their bond, they try to make every single interaction a positive one. Fights are an integral element of any relationship but do not let them create rifts; rather resolve them as soon as you can.

Having physical intimacy
Even though a lot is said about emotional closeness, physical intimacy is the key to a strong and happy relationship. This is one place where you should not miss out. Even if you are in a long distance relationship, make time for being together at least once in a while.

Trusting each other
According to Giordana Toccaceli, trust is a vital characteristic to gauge the health of a relationship. If you are willing to stand by your partner irrespective of the circumstances, you are truly together and will stay together,

Not trying to control the other
A relationship is a balanced one when one partner does not try to control the other. If you really look to strengthen your bond, give space to your partner and ensure that they do the same for you too.

Being honest
Being honest in the relationship brings you closer and develops mutual trust and respect. Communicate openly about your challenges and fears, even if they are about being attracted to someone outside the relationship.

Valuing the relationship
Value the special bond that you share and invest all your efforts into making it stronger. They key is to keep it ahead of your personal interests and feelings. Spend time with each other and cherish each moment as the most special one in your life.

Above all, unconditional love
The success of relationships is assessed on the basis of love between two people, above everything else. If both the partners feel that towards each other, your bond is a healthy one.

Whether you have just found your partner or have been together for some time, cultivate these qualities in your relationship to grow it and make it healthy.
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