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The Oriental Village (Naturist) Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand – Filipino Blogger – Travel Blogger

So here we go! Starting my Thailand Travel blog post with a Full Review staying in The Oriental Village (Naturist) Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand. Everything you need to know and my experiences while staying in here for 7days. Happy Reading!

And Did I say, Naturist? Yes Indeed! This resort is a Naturist (Nudist) and family friendly. They have strict rules so I am sure that you’re going to like this place as my family did. This is a good location if you’re a first timer Naturist or with Family/Kids and wanted to try it out without many people staring at you. Located in a very secluded area, you’ll be free as a bird here, go naked, relax and enjoy! Don’t worry, observe first, baby steps, do it when you’re ready.

What’s your favorite naturist resort you’ve been to before? Let me know in the comment box below!
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We Booked our Room in The Oriental Village Resort straight from their website. You can click here: to check it out. We chose to book the Cottage Superior 3000 THB per night | Included: Air conditioning, Daily Cleaning Service, Refrigerator, Free High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet access, Inside & Outside shower (hot water), 48” Curved Smart TV, DVD player with 50 satellite channels, Safe, Hair dryer. Difference to Cottage Deluxe: room is bigger, 48” curved Smart TV, king size bed, Hair dryer. You can book for just a day for 500baht. Family with kids are available. No bathtub, No telephone in the room if you need something, you have to walk to the reception. Also they don’t use blackout curtains so Don’t forget your sleeping eye-mask!

We stayed in the Resort from July22 – July28 For Myself and my husband who doesn’t like cold it is quite chilly during our stay. It was raining everyday but not the whole day, still a good weather condition to visit Chiang Mai but just expect lots of rain during monsoon season, still humid and sticky and also plan your activities.

You can CLICK ME and contact them and visit their website.

The Room is Simple but everything you need is there. You may ask for extra bed if you’re coming with kids like we did and it is for free. Cottages looks all the same sizes. Bed is lovely. Curtain is not blackout so wear your sleeping eye-mask! It’s a must! All the things included is written above under BOOKING. Favourite part was the outside shower because it can make you feel that you are really in a very tropical place in Thailand. Air conditioning works properly and hot shower is perfect! It Would be perfect if they have installed a bathtub in there so you guys take note that there is NO BATHTUB! And also NO telephone inside the room. If you need anything you need to walk to the reception. WIFI is available but you may get some slow time if you connect all of your devices, try to connect the device you only use.

The Oriental Village Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand, nudist resort, naturist resort, nudist blogger, naturist blogger, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, asia blogger, influencer, tropical vacation, where to stay in chiang mai, elephant sanctuary
Bacon anyone? =) Breakfast is included. 6am – 10am. Lunch and Dinner you have to pay for it. They have a fixed menu available for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you may want to try to mix it all up and try all the food that you can have in there. Their food is really good and taste doesn’t change as they have their own local cook/chef to cook everything for you everyday. Order Egg and bacon with toast or try their yummy traditional Thai breakfast called Rice Soup it was yummy and I’m now craving for it so badly, have a hot coffee or fresh juice with a nice plate of seasonal fruits. Don’t forget to order their yummy dessert too! I highly recommend that Banana Pancake! It’s basically a normal pancake, rolled and they put ice cream on top and drizzled some chocolate all over it. Good for 2-3 people or one if you want it all
My go to lunch or dinner was a cup of rice with spicy papaya salad, Also tried 3 different types of tom yum they have in the menu and our favorite was the one with coconut milk called Tom Kha Kai. My husband likes his minced pork with basil and my daughter is not that adventurous but she totally love their carbonara and fish and chips.

The Oriental Village Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand, nudist resort, naturist resort, nudist blogger, naturist blogger, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, asia blogger, influencer, tropical vacation, where to stay in chiang mai, elephant sanctuary
The resort has a Swimming Pool and sunbeds for you to relax and chill all day and get your tan! Also hammocks! Restaurant is also available which is where you eat breakfast. At the back of the cottages is where you can find the table tennis, some gym equipments. Next to the swimming pool is where you can find the Tennis or badminton area you can enjoy as well. You can also book for a massage. Bicycles are available for free for you to roam around the village outside if you want to explore the neighborhood or go to the nearest grocery or take some money out or do some laundry.

The resort is located in a secluded area. Beautiful View of the mountains and rice paddies and beautiful garden, Just green everywhere. Very quiet and peaceful. I recommend this place if you just really want to chill and relax and not do too much of touristy activities. I Also recommend this place for those who wanted to try being a nudist or Naturist for the first time or those who are travelling with family/kids. The place is away from the city and you may need to call any tour agencies you’ve booked to where your exact location is, because they may not pick you up in the resort exactly or they may arrange another taxi to pick you up like what happened to us. We paid extra 500baht going out + 500baht going back to our hotel when we booked for a day for elephant sanctuary as the tour service is only available if you’re within the city. If you wanna go out and go somewhere you can book your taxi to one of the girls in the resort and they will arrange it for you.

Happy to recommend Mr. Udom Sakolwatchara a very nice taxi driver. His info +66 090 3167248 or +66 084 3635407 Email: who picked us up in our hotel for our elephant tour. We asked for his number and used his service to drive us around the following days to go around Chiang Mai. We paid him 2000baht for a full day of driving around chiang mai city, it may cost you a little bit more if you go out to black or white temples or anywhere outside the City but of course it still a little cheaper and easier as you won’t need to haggle for the price outside.

Drive from the Airport to the Resort is around 30 – 40 minutes depends on the traffic.CLICK ME to see the Map

I will be writing a separate blog posts for all the places that you can visit in Chiang Mai Thailand so please stay tuned and subscribe via email in the box below or follow my socials @tauyanm for live updates! For a quick look of what we did please follow my instagram account @tauyanm and watch all my instagram highlights! I’m sure you’ll love it and you’ll get excited. So for the places to go, You can visit White Temple, Black Temple or Baan dam Museum, Elephant Sanctuary (I recommend ethical elephant sanctuary), Tiger kingdom (Tigers were all healthy and happy and active. Not drugged or sedated), Long neck karen (No, it is not a human zoo), Botanical Garden (This place is beautiful!), Grand Canyon, and Lots of Chiang Mai City Temples that you can just walk around.

Just wanted to mention that from The Oriental Village Resort most of the places to visit in Chiang Mai, you’ll need an extra 20-30minutes of driving because as I mentioned above, the resort is outside the city.

The Oriental Village Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand, nudist resort, naturist resort, nudist blogger, naturist blogger, filipino blogger, dubai blogger, asia blogger, influencer, tropical vacation, where to stay in chiang mai, elephant sanctuary
-If you choose to stay here, the place is very relaxing and so chill! Family friendly, food is really good. The staff speaks english but can be hard to explain some things sometimes you guys know what I mean for sure, But they are very nice and always smiling, good service and good cook too!
-Location is very quiet, nothing to see but just mountains and rice paddies. You can only hear insects and frogs at night
-I can say that this place is the ultimate relaxing resort I’ve been to so far.

-If you’re not a fan of something like this place (Naturist/Nudist or far from the city) staying within the city or within the Chiang mai wall would be a fantastic Idea as everything is walking distance and not somewhere in woop woop! Specially if it is your first time in Chiang Mai. You can CLICK ME for some budget-friendly and within the wall of Chiang Mai that you may want to stay in.
-If you’re staying in This Resort, Bring lots of mosquito repellent because they can be nasty and we’ve collected so much mosquito bites before we even left the resort.
-Don’t forget your sleeping eye-mask! They don’t use blackout curtains so sleeping mask will help you a lot to sleep in and have a nap in the afternoon. It can be so bright! I’m warning you already haha
-If you go to the city or found a grocery store buy all the snacks and drinks you can buy because there’s nowhere near around the resort.
-Chiang Mai city is a laid back province, you can wear pretty much everything from shorts, shirts, tank tops, slipper/thongs, just be modest when visiting temples. Always bring scarf! It’s very useful.

So I guess that’s all of it for now! If you guys still want to know something else and still curious about something in this resort, please do leave your comments or questions or suggestions down in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you.


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