4 Reasons All Women Need a Pair of Cowboy Boots

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4 Reasons All Women Need a Pair of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have been around for a very long time and they never seem to go out of style. The history of the boot stems from England; the Duke of Wellington created a boot which is known today as the Wellington boot. Cowboys originally wore a similar style which featured plain leather, one-inch heels, and a straight top.

Over time, cowboy boot styles became influenced by the European cavalier boot which had higher heels and was made from top-grade leather. Boots at this time always had a round or square toe. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the pointy toe came into fashion for cowboy boots.

Modern cowboy boots come in a vast array of styles. Today’s boots come in beautiful colors, some with intricate stitching, embroidery, and embossing. Boots can be adorned with rhinestones, fringe, pearls, metal studs, and other embellishments. Let your imagination soar when shopping for cowboy boots!

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You Can Wear Them With Any Outfit
You literally can wear cowboy boots for any occasion. Headed to a summer music festival? Put on a super-cute little sundress, and slip on a pair of colorful cowboy boots with elaborate stitching and metal studs. Cowboy boots that have fringe accents look awesome with a pair of cut-off shorts and topped with a fringed leather vest. Cowboy boots look elegant with a long black skirt, and look chic with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into them. Exotic leather boots can create an alluring look when paired with a velvet skirt. Have your entire wedding party, including the bride and groom, wear cowboy boots for a Western-inspired theme. Get creative and wear your boots with any outfit!

Can Be Worn In Any Season
Because cowboy boots are so durable and well-made, they can be worn throughout the year. Many boots have water-proofing added which makes them a great choice for the wet season. Leather is quite breathable, which makes cowboy boots great for the summer months. Whether you are going to a concert, the farmers market, Christmas shopping, or gathering pumpkins for Halloween, cowboy boots are the perfect choice of footwear for any season.

They Will Last Forever
Built with high-quality leather and with excellent craftsmanship, top-of-the-line cowboy boots, such as the Ariat brand from Russell’s Western Wear, will last a very long time. They were originally built to be worn out in the field, in the barn, out roping cattle, and for long hours in the saddle, so they were meant to last. If you take good care of your boots, they will be an integral part of your wardrobe for years to come.

They Are Good For Your Feet
According to foot and ankle surgeon, Brady Rhodes, DPM, cowboy boots can help provide support when they have a metal shank inside of the footbed. Metal shanks help to give the boot shape and provide a springy action when walking. This is really helpful if you are wearing cowboy boots while standing for long periods of time or when walking around the rodeo, music festival, or strolling through an art show.

Any season, any occasion, any outfit — cowboy boots never go out of style and can seriously fashion up your wardrobe. Keep several pairs and styles in your closet!

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