Important Tips for Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Tips for Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

If you are planning to undertake a rhinoplasty surgery, one of the most essential steps to having a satisfactory procedure is choosing the right surgeon. Rhinoplasty ranks among the most complex cosmetic procedures, so it’s vital to find a surgeon who possesses genuine rhinoplasty expertise, considerable experience, including a resume that contains favorable results.

An excellent surgeon will be a patient listener, an effective communicator, as well as a compassionate caregiver. While there are many rhinoplasty surgeons who already meet this criterion, most of them fall short. This means conscientious and careful research is mandatory. Moreover, rhinoplasty is a non-emergent and elective procedure so you have no excuse for not examining the credentials and qualities of your care provider – if you don’t do this, you’ll be gambling with your face.

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Note that the success of your rhinoplasty procedure depends largely on the surgeon’s quality but finding a skilled surgeon in cosmetic nasal surgery can be difficult. Unluckily, there isn’t a reliable method you can use to find the right surgeon. What’s more, the information sources you get maybe contradictory, difficult to access, or inaccurate. Consequently, it’s best to gather information from any available source and then carefully evaluate and cross-reference it to get the best possible assessment.

Although this process is challenging and time-consuming, it offers excellent results. So, how do you find the right rhinoplasty surgeon? Finding a perfect surgeon will make a huge difference between a dramatic cosmetic enhancement and an unattractive scarred nose. Here are reliable tips you can explore:

Valid medical license
For a surgeon to perform rhinoplasty legally, a genuine medical license is needed in most states. When one has an active medical license it means that the medical board in the state has confirmed that he or she has undergone the minimum academic training in a recognized medical school and has acquired post-graduate training (internship) for at least one year. The board is also a great source of information in case some disciplinary actions were taken against the surgeon for medical malpractice, non-compliance as well as other reputable infractions.

History of malpractice
Malpractice history is another critical selection tool you must consider. Nobody wants to entrust their face to a certain surgeon with a history of disastrous surgical outcomes and negligence. Therefore, consider contacting the medical board in your state to know if the surgeon you want to hire has been involved in any malpractice activity while malpractice claims are often without merit, multiple malpractice judgments or even settlements against a certain surgeon should be a cause for suspicion, meaning they must be factored into your decision-making process.

Specialty Niche
Generally, a surgeon who specializes in a certain surgical niche will have gathered great interest and more skills in what they specialize in. Usually, this translates into more consistency and better surgical outcomes. Even though getting a licensed and board-certified surgeon is a great start, it doesn’t guarantee that your procedure will be successful. Various parts can lead to credentialing in different types of surgeries like rhinoplasty surgery, facial plastic surgery, oral surgery, plastic surgery and otolaryngology (nose throat and ear surgery). Each procedure has its pros and cons and there isn’t an educational pathway that offers an exclusive lock on the quality of outcome.

Internet endorsements

Lately, the internet has become an essential source of information for anything you need. Online forums and internet message boards are a great source for word-of-mouth referral information. The dialogue these sites generate has been promoting patient awareness in a great way, generating a virtual network for support among rhinoplasty patients and exposing incompetent practitioners. But, there has been a growing downside to this internet discourse since misinformation, fraudulent postings and character assassination are occurring frequently than ever before.

For instance, one disgruntled patient may nullify thousands of successful and satisfactory rhinoplasty results just because they got an unfavorable outcome. Sometimes such patients do this with or without a valid justification. Sadly, due to the mysterious nature of the internet operates as well as the lack of accountability makes these abuses hard to prevent. So as you assess the merit of a certain surgeon from an internet source make sure you consider the motives of a poster and don’t take all harsh comments seriously –there are always two sides of each story.

Word-of-mouth endorsements

Another indicator of a reliable rhinoplasty surgeon is the word of mouth from a trusted source like a colleague, relative or friend. A first-hand account of a positive outcome in a rhinoplasty surgery is always reassuring. When you get several endorsements from independent sources, your level of reassurance on a surgeon rises. But, ensure you don’t compare oranges to apples – a surgeon who is good at providing a facelift or breast augmentation procedure doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s good at providing a rhinoplasty surgery. You need to get the exact name of the rhinoplasty surgeon.

Surgical portfolio

Lastly, another suitable way of confirming your rhinoplasty surgeon’s ability and skills is the reviewing their surgical portfolio to check the before and after photographs. In most cases, serious rhinoplasty surgeons take pride in their photography and often standardize the background, positioning, and lighting to provide a photo with a more accurate comparison. Several views of the face will offer you a more accurate assessment of the procedure outcomes. Make sure you view photos of patients who had nasal deformities that are similar to yours. This will help you judge the abilities of the surgeon when it comes to correcting that exact problem. This is reassuring because you will know that multiple patients who had similar deformities were treated successfully.

Note that some mediocre rhinoplasty surgeon can provide some few good shots just like an accomplished rhinoplasty surgeon but the only difference is that they will not have a large portfolio of successful and satisfactory outcomes.

All these tips will help you pick the right surgeon depending on your needs. Dr. Frankel is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in California you can talk to if you need a rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Andrew Frankel, MD, FACS is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience in rhinoplasty. His practice is at the Lasky Clinic located in Beverly Hills, CA.


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