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Places to Visit in Dubai (Old Dubai)- Things to do in Dubai -Filipino Blogger

Below is the list of places to visit in Dubai (Old Dubai) that you don’t want to Miss including google maps that you can follow so you can plan your day ahead and won’t waste any time! You can CLICK ME to read all my Dubai Blog post.

Bur Dubai or Old Dubai places to visit:
Start your Journey by Riding the Metro Station from your place then come out at Al Ghubaiba Station, it’s on the Green Line Etisalat. You may need to change train lines if you’re on a different route. Upon coming out of Al Ghubaiba Station everything is just walking distance from there or ride the Abra which only cost 1aed per ride and is along the path where you’re walking to.

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1) House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum = Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House is a historic building and former residential quarters of Saeed bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, former ruler of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and If you’re lucky enough, you may see the The current ruler of Dartifactskh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who visits the place sometimes. Don’t forget to take a selfie with the Dubai Hand Sign!

2) Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeological Museum = The museum uses the state of the art technology to explore Saruq Al-Hadid “the way of Iron” a remote desert site that was a center for metalworking some three thousand years ago. Beautiful and dramatic object displays show off some of the many thousands of artifacts that have been found at Saruq Al-Hadid. These objects have changed our understanding of the history of Dubai.

3) The House of Obaid and Juma bin Thani bin Majid = It is one of the oldest houses built in this area. It is also close to Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House. Visitors have a unique opportunity to know and enjoy a traditional home comprised of 20 rooms, spread over two floors, with their unique local architectural elements, and will be able to note the elegant and fine artistic taste of the house owners, who took great care of it in terms of the design and distribution of the elements, also in regards to the building materials.

4) Textile Souk = is a traditional souq (market) of textile products located in Dubai’s historic Bur Dubai neighborhood. Opposite to the textile souk on the other side of the Dubai Creek lies the Dubai Spice Souk and Dubai Gold Souk in Deira, accessible via the creek by special abra boats.

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5) Al Fahidi Fort = Dubai Museum is the main museum & one of the places that you can visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. Don’t forget to check the timings and opening as it may vary because of the local holidays or Fridays. Might be a big problem to take photos without people in it as tourist buses are there and always full. I’ve been there many times and Can’t really figure out which timing is the best without tourist, they seem to come every 30 minutes haha


6) Al Fahidi Historical District (Bastakiya) = Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is a historic district in Dubai. The construction of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood dates back to the 1890s. Here’s you can visit lots of very interesting places like: Sheik Mohammed Centre for Cultural and understanding where you can book it and have a good sit sip some good Arabic drink and Arabic food. As the name of the place here is where you can ask a lot of question about Dubai or Arab people or things you wanna know about Muslim People. I’ve learned a lot from this place, I did ask why Muslim can have 3 wives and how does it work, questions about prayers and their mosque and it is very enlightening and I think every tourist should visit this place. Coffee Museum is a place for coffee lovers or those who wanna explore coffee in particular. You’ll learn the history of coffee and even taste them at the bar on the second floor. You’ll find lots of tools that they use to make coffee and don’t forget to take a photo of the huge Coffee Map of the world too!

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You’ll find many coffee shops around the Neighborhood too! While experiencing the old Dubai old village while walking around the place. I suggest the XVA cafe and hotel, MAKE art Cafe and Arabian Teahouse for some instagrammable cafes you totally visit around. You can also find Coin Museum where you can learn and see everything about coins and how it all started where it first came from which is very interesting and you don’t wanna miss either, Also visit the Old Wall of Dubai, The Mosque.

After the super pack location of Al Fahidi Neighborhood, There are many other places that you can visit in Dubai that is just nearby. You walk back to the Textile Museum and ride the Abra to go to your next destination, it’s only about a few minutes ride and it will cost you only 1 aed per ride, enjoy the creek and a beautiful view of the old Dubai!

dubai gold souk

7) Gold Souq = Is a street full of Gold you can dream of and imagine! There’s even a vending machine that you can go and buy gold. There are so many places to visit and shop to go to. So if you’re planning to buy gold, this is the place to go and lots to choose from. Here you can also find the biggest Ring in the world worth over $3 million as of now. The ring is displayed with a Guinness Book of World Records Certificate.

8) Women’s Museum = The Women’s Museum aims to discover UAE society through the lives of women past and present, by highlighting the various roles played by women of the UAE. This place is not to be missed when visiting Dubai, You’ll learn so much about Women in the Arab world and how are they a big part of Dubai. Entrance is 20 aed/person. Download the offline google maps to follow walking directions it will help you a lot or ask people around since the museum is located in a very tricky place. CLICK me to watch the video and hope it will help!
Some nearby places you can also visit and walking distance only is the Heritage House, Museum of the Poet Al Oqaili, Dubai Spice Souq.

womens museum

Map Photo above is a sample walking journey that you may want to follow and I can assure you that everything above is just walking distance and you may want to spend a whole day walking around so you can take your time and enjoy the moment in Old Dubai or Bur Dubai. Just please look at the information I wrote above to see the places of interest so you can visit them and don’t miss it!

I’ll be writing another version of Places to visit in Dubai – NEW DUBAI version around downtown to Jumeira and Marina and will write some other places to visit in Dubai too of the other UAE, Emirates like Fujairah and Al Ain.

Hope you guys like the list I wrote above and hope it will give you some idea and help you plan your day in the Old Dubai. If anything you wanna ask and curious about, or If You want me to write an itinerary for you to do in Dubai, Please do leave me a comment below or send me an email! I Would love to hear from you guys!

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