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What to Wear in Dubai | All you need to Know – Filipino blogger

Wondering what to wear in Dubai During Winter and Summer? Then you are on the right blog! Below is the list of ideas and also some tips and tricks that I wanted to share with you today to make your packing and shopping for Dubai, UAE a lot easier! Also, Remember that Dubai Winter starts from December to April, Summer is from May to November.

Scarf = is a very simple thing that probably everyone owns already. Such a versatile piece to have and easy to bring anywhere you are in the world especially when you are in a Muslim country or conservative places. Tie it on your bag, make it an accessory or another weird thing is you can make simple clothes out of it, there is a lot of youtube videos that can show you how. A starting point on What to Wear in Dubai.

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A Dress = Long or short dresses, anything is acceptable. For summer days, long dresses or midi length are really good! For winter, You can wear leggings under your midi or short length dresses if the weather is starting to feel cold for you. Choose something thin, or light material fabric dresses that are not so showy or see-through when you walk outside. Also, the same kind of fabric can help you transition from summer to winter for more useful outfit ideas for both seasons.

Comfortable Pants = Jeans, palazzo pants or leggings are all a must wear in Dubai, sure everyone owns their favorite jeans and make sure that it is very comfortable so you can wear it both summer and winter. Palazzo pants are also a good idea for more fashionable girls out there, probably the perfect pants to have and What to Wear in Dubai as I believe it is designed for comfy hot summer Dubai weather and winter. Leggings are for the fit girls out there or those who want to be versatile with outfit ideas as you can wear this with shirts, under your dress of any length and also at the gym or everyday activities!

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Long Sleeve Blouse = Another versatile thing to have is a long sleeve blouse or ¾ sleeve blouse that is also thin fabric but not see-thru like what I’ve said on the dress section above. I always try to shop for these kinds of outfit in different styles they have out there as I’ve said it is a versatile piece to have. You can wear it to any pants or skirts, perfect for both summer and winter, enough to cover your arms for hot sunny days and cold breeze. Also, if you shop long sleeve blouses with really nice designs like crochet, or lace, or with nice prints, you can style it anything as you wish from casual to formal!

Kimono or Blazer = You can never have too many of these kinds as it adds a really good finishing touch to your whole outfit! Both can be used for summer and winter if you choose the right material as I’ve said in my previous posts above. It can help you to look really good and presentable even if you’re just in a casual normal walk in a shopping mall or bonding with friends, It will help you to look great and gives you extra confidence when being outside especially most people here Look so dressed in expensive stuff so this is a must to add some spice in you look a little tip on What to Wear in Dubai.

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Modest Full Outfit = Visiting Dubai means you have to think that you need to be modest most of the time. Even shopping malls have a strict policy about what you need to wear. My friend @clairelysbw Design the full outfit above and she has more to offer in the future! So don’t forget to check her out! She’s one of the Dubai based designer you should be following right now! If you wanna blend in with the locals and experience modest looks Wearing abayas or a modest full outfit like the Photo above would be a really nice touch! There’s nothing wrong about embracing the modest looks while you’re at it. You’ll feel elegant and fashionable at the same time while being modest. Also, this is a perfect outfit for a day of cultural sightseeing in Dubai.

Some additions I can suggest is to bring sunglasses as it is bright in Dubai during summer and winter. Also, good running shoes to give you a lot of comforts when walking around Dubai, it will protect your feet for both kinds of weather also you can use it for fitness purposes. A good walking sandal is a must too, compare to having a thong or slipper, because most of the time you’ll have to walk a lot and it gives you a better support than a thong or slipper when walking around Dubai. Overall, the clothes you normally wear now are the same outfit you can wear when you visit Dubai. Bikinis, shorts, tank tops, mini skirts are all permitted to wear just be mindful of places you’re going too.

Don’t forget sunscreen too! Always put one in your bag even if summer or winter in Dubai.
So far that’s all I can think of if anything you wanted to know more about Dubai, Just leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it as soon as I can!

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