How Laundry Can Be your Favorite Task at Home

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How laundry can be your favorite task at home – Laundry Habit

Most of us don’t look forward to laundry day. We try to look for excuses so that we can procrastinate cleaning clothes. Some of us go to the extent of having nothing to wear since all the clothes lie in the big laundry basket. If you can relate to this, let us help you reduce the burden of washing clothes through the following tips.

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Change your laundry habit
How often do you wash your clothes? Do you let them pile up for a month or wash every day? If you do it once a month, you can reduce the large heap by doing it once a week. By this, you will have fewer clothes to wash and still have enough to wear.
Removing the mentality of laundry day
This mentality makes most of us lazy since we don’t want to accept that it is finally here. See this day as an enjoyable day where you can still enjoy what you love like music or a movie as a reward for cleaning your clothes. You can do these other activities simultaneously so that your washing becomes exciting.
Consider the fabrics of your clothes
Look at the finished seam, threading as well fabric patterns to determine if they are strong enough to establish your mode of washing them. For instance, it is better to hand wash nylon clothes than use a washing machine. Do not let silk remain in the washer for more than half an hour.

Fabrics such as jeans require particular attention. Avoid throwing cashmere jeans into your dryer. Wash such by hands by turning them inside out as you use warm water to clean them. Use limited detergent and rinse it gently then leave it to dry.

Take care of your bras
Things like bras should not go into your dryer due to the metallic parts in them. The purpose of the bra is to give our breasts excellent support, and dryers alter this structure. Maintain the cups of your bras by folding them well after hand washing and drying them in the sun. You can fold in them in halves as you put the straps under your bras’ cups to give them shape.
Use hampers
Sort your clothes according to colors. If you have a big family, encourage each member to divide hampers so that some colors don’t stain other colors.
Get a bin for clothes
A tray for dirty garments helps you remain organized without letting the bedroom have clothes all over the place. Be careful on such containers because children can take advantage of it throwing in clothes that are not dirty.
Get the right detergents and hangers
Tools such as detergent can ruin the elasticity of clothes. Go for a mild soap so that it does not get caught underneath the seams of your clothes. Hangers are useful laundry tools to prevent clothes from forming creases. Using hooks prevents you from ironing the clothes which affect their elasticity. Avoid overcrowding your closet to maintain the sensitivity of the fabrics.

Get a mesh bag
If sorting all the clothes is challenging, you can get each member a mesh bag to put their clothes on. This prevents their clothes from mixing up when you are using a dry. Cases of misplacing socks will be a thing of the past with a mesh bag.
Fold clothes
You can prevent wrinkles by folding your clothes immediately you unhang them or get them from your dryer. Fold clothes according to their shape and arrange them well in a closet so that it is easy to access any piece. If you procrastinate on folding, you may disregard folding others and remain with the same mess as before washing them.
Roll some clothes
You can always roll your clothes if folding is problematic. Kids’ clothes can do well when you roll them separately. It also saves you time, and the kids find them presentable. Rolling also gives room for more clothes than folding them.
Implement color coding
Different colored baskets for clean clothes reduces children tantrums. They can quickly tell where their favorite shirts are in the baskets. You can add name tags on each basket to personalize it. From there you can monitor who is disorganized and teach them better organizing skills.

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Avoid over washing
Some light clothes do not need washing all the time. Airing them would prevent them from fading colors as well as changing their structure. Consider how your clothes react before washing them repeatedly.
Avoid shrinking clothes by keeping them damp
If your top is shrinking from cleaning, stretch the damp and put it on so that it can regain its original shape. Stretching it ensures that it does not appear smaller than the way it fits.
Use laundry accessories
Mothballs in your basket of clean clothes prevent critters from forming holes on any of the clothes. They keep your clothes fresh by minimizing moisture in the air. You can also use them in drawers or hang them on the closet bar.
You can also go for dryer balls which enable your clothes to remain separate and dry well. Dry balls also ensure that air flows appropriately for easy drying thus, saving you energy. Your clothes feel soft and don’t wrinkle. If you can’t access dryer balls, you can always use a dry towel in your dryer so that it can absorb lots of moisture for your clothes to dry faster.

Make use of your home warranty
Since your home warranty covers your clothes dryer and washer, you don’t go through extra expenses in case your machine is malfunctioning. Some people report that driers leave holes in their clothes. The belt of your washer could be the cause. American home shield reviews indicate that the service providers can fix this problem so that you can continue enjoying your washing machine
Final thoughts
Taking care of your clothes by washing and organizing them makes them look stunning even after years of wearing them. Our tips above give you the basics of taking care of your clothes. You don’t have to get stressed over cleaning clothes anymore.


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