How to Wear Vintage Clothes and Not Look Stuffy, Stodgy, or Cartoonish

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How to Wear Vintage Clothes and Not Look Stuffy, Stodgy, or Cartoonish

Vintage clothes can be gorgeous, but dressing vintage can be tricky. Just like decorating your apartment with antiques can quickly turn your apartment from modern to museum, it’s easy to slip from chic and playful to a Halloween costume.

Luckily, designers have come together to explain some of the very best ways to spice your wardrobe up with vintage pieces. Check out this compilation of some of their best tips in this article!

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Why Shop Vintage?

Fashion Magazine emphasizes the importance of thinking economically when making fashion choices. A Vancouver writer from Fashion notes that “[her] very first vintage shopping experience came about while [she] was a university student.” She continues to say, “Funds were low, vintage was in and I was in the mood to shop.” Thus, she discovered vintage shopping, where she could pick up vintage items for cheaper than seemed possible.

Not only are these items economical, but they are also unique. Another writer for Fashion notes, “The best thing about vintage is that when you find a true treasure, no one else will ever have it,” and it’s true, but that doesn’t make the trend any easier to maneuver.

Pick Your Pieces

Vintage pieces are gorgeous, but don’t wear a vintage top, skirt, and shoes. Suddenly you’ll be at the center of a time warp, and that will be nothing short of embarrassing walking down a crowded Manhattan street.

So pick your favorite vintage piece, and dress it with modern touches. Glamour advises you “take one head-turning vintage find . . . and use simple black clothes and accessories to make it wearably low-key.”

Not only that, remember that hair and makeup are also a significant part of your look. Add a modern twist to those elements, and it’ll take your vintage style to the next level!

Mix and Match Eras

Okay, okay. While you shouldn’t wear head-to-toe vintage, you can always try mixing pieces from different fashion eras. So try a ’40s skirt with a ’60s blouse or a ’50s dress with a ’20s accent necklace. This helpful trick can “have the same effect as blending new and vintage pieces.”

Fashion experts also advice adding “unexpected pops of vibrant color” and “surprising combinations of textiles and silhouettes and layers of contrasting patterns” to make a “totally timeless” look.

Breathe New Life into Pieces

The very nature of upcycling is to make old pieces new again, so if you’ve secured a cute but understated vintage piece for a good price from a thrift store, consider adding a little bling to the original. Something as simple as adding new buttons to an old dress can easily transform it into a gorgeous, eye-catching outfit.

Mock 2018 Style with Thrift-Store Buys

That sentence sounds like a paradox, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about the trends of today with you to the thrift store. That way, as you page through racks of clothes, you’ll be able to more easily pick out vintage pieces that will mimic current shifts in style.

Now that you have heard some tips and tricks from the pros, it’s time for you to take to the racks and be your own shopper. There are tons of stores out there selling clothes, and whether you want to buy clothes online or visit brick-and-mortar stores, these tricks will help you style yourself around vintage pieces.

Conversely, you can create your own unique brand of vintage by selling clothes online. Put together entire ensembles of outfits and vintage pieces, and share them in a lookbook for potential customers to look at. Giving people creative examples of how the vintage look is achieved will make it easier for them to make their own pairings.

Take a chance with vintage clothing to help you connect with the past as Isabel Wolff once said of vintage clothing. Of the trend, she notes, “When you buy a piece of vintage clothing, you’re not just buying the fabric and thread—you’re buying a piece of someone’s past.” Treasure that and seize it for your own.

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