My Experience with Emirates Business Class

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My Experience with Emirates Business Class – Dubai Blogger

Finally done writing my whole Yinchuan Ningxia China Dubai Travel Bloggers Trip! CLICK ME to read all of them! And CLICK ME to watch all of my travel vlogs in China!

As someone who loves to travel, It is a perfect flying experience if we can all fly Emirates Business Class every time and have the most comfortable flight ever! So today, I would like to share with you my First Ever business class flight experience.

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Last day in Yinchuan Ningxia China, We boarded Emirates to go back in Dubai. I was excited knowing I’m flying business class after all the walking we’ve done in the last 5days in Ningxia China. Flying Emirates business class is such an amazing experience and the most comfortable ever! (unless someone let me fly first class next time LOL, then that would level up my total experience when flying)

We queued and boarded the plane, so excited as they called for business class passengers. Upon entering the plane, cabin crews were very welcoming and smiling nicely except for this one cabin crew girl who seemed to be jealous of me seating and chatting nicely with a cute guy next to me, that she might’ve known as a previous passenger in the plane or just plain not #feelingme being in the business class 😂 I will tell you more about it later down below, keep reading pls!…

emirates business class, dubai blogger, fly emirates, @emirates, emirates first class, filipino blogger, travel blogger, casey neistat, influencer,

Cabin Crew Grumpy girl:
1) Completely ignored me while she was chatting with the guy and served the champagne? Or wine? To us, she handed the glass to the guy and I got mine since she didn’t even care to look at me.
2) Came back to get our glasses, Told to the guy, “hope you’re comfortable with your seat sir, we’re about to fly” or something like that, and again completely ignored me like I’m not there at all.
3) I changed my chair and move next to my fellow blogger, I informed her that I’ll be moving to another seat, she just nodded to me. No response whatsoever.
4) Serving food and she knows I’m there and she is assigned to that row and didn’t even serve my food Until I told the other girl if she can serve my food instead. But she said she can’t, so she told the grumpy cabin crew girl to serve my food and she did, with a grumpy face haha

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Anyways, If you guys are Curious to know and see if who’s that grumpy Cabin Crew Girl she is on my VIDEO below or on my youtube channel jump the numbers to 12:24 and you’ll see her. If anyone knows her name pls, let me know because I forgot. LOL, For the @emirates to be informed or if you guys are even concerned that you’re cabin crew were acting like this, She was on a flight from Yinchuan to Dubai on September 27, 2017 EK327 My seat was 11B so she’s on that row being grumpy at me. The highlight of my Emirates business class experience.

Overall, my experience was by far the best because “Emirates Business Class” haha. The food they served was amazing even though the grumpy cabin crew girl was grumpy at me the whole flight, I did try to enjoy my experience. I slept pretty well. We slept then woke up coz we needed to eat, then back to sleep again then when we woke up again and we’re in Dubai! Just like a snap we were back! I would like to thank TOURISM NINGXIA again for having all of us! It was a great experience and memorable to visit Ningxia and explore new things. Also promoting the EMIRATES direct flight from Dubai to Yinchuan Ningxia China.


*This blog post is not sponsored or paid by Emirates Business Class. Do you like Aisle? or Window seat? Comment your answers!

Don’t forget to WATCH the full video below! My Emirates Business Class Flight Video starts at 12:00 Grumpy Cabin Crew Girl is on 12:25 😂 No I’m not into anything or something. I just don’t want her to just get away with what she made me feel during my flight. I didn’t do anything to her and I supposed she could’ve had at least did something nice to me during the flight or said “hello” and writing this in case one of you know her and informed her or emirates about her behavior so no other passengers can have the same unpleasant experience as I did. Pls. CLICK ME to subscribe to my channel. CLICK ME IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE VIDEO BELOW

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Till next time everyone! Have a good day! cheers, Jane 💋

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