Fashion Talk with Sophy G – History of Fashion Victorian Era

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Fashion Talk with Sophy G – History of Fashion – Victorian Era

About Sophy G:
Born in the snow-capped and turreted city of Moscow, Founder Natalia retains fond memories of her childhood. An only child in a precarious country, she nonetheless found harmony in the company of her porcelain doll—Sophy. Days were spent exploring and the nights kept warm as the two whispered in confidence about the mysteries of life and their love of fashion. Natalia shared everything with her beloved Sophy, who spoke directly to her soul in a way that could not be explained in words.

Designed in Dubai and hand-crafted in our ateliers, SOPHY G offers one of a kind wear to the sophisticated woman with no care for society’s rules.

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I’ve been wanting to attend a fashion talk for so long but really haven’t had a chance to join in the past. I felt lucky to be invited by @maggyinstyle to attend the Fashion Talk with Sophy G in The Retreat The Palm MGallery that was held last May 08, 2018. The event was nothing but simple meetup of a group of girls/guys talking and listening about fashion, I also did invite my friend Claire and I’m sure you guys have seen here to many of my events before. That day Sophy G talked about the History of Fashion – Victorian Era, I did learn so many things during our 2hours of session. Who would have thought how deep fashion is back from the days.

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During the talk, we learned about the Victorian Era, How it influences fashion from Feminine Silhouette, high necklines during the day, low necklines at night, voluminous sleeves, thin waists shaped by corsets, full skirts held up by crinolines and long trains.
I love how simple the event was. Coffees & Teas were served and the location was perfect although it was pretty far for me for someone who doesn’t drive, it took me an hour to go there. Nonetheless, it was worth the long travels, and I cannot wait for another session!

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