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Arab Fashion Week MAY2018 Queen Elizabeth 2 Floating Hotel – Dubai Blogger

The much-awaited Arab Fashion Week was held last May 9-12 2018 in Queen Elizabeth 2 Floating hotel making them the very first Fashion Week ever to be held on a floating hotel or on a Ship. Queen Elizabeth 2 is permanently docked in Dubai Mina Rashid now a Hotel, Restaurant and Event Venue. The Floating Hotel opened last April 2018 and now You can also enjoy the whole ship and book your stay or try their wide selection of Food Buffet!

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I went to the event on the first day and it was hella stressful. I was LOL when I saw Insta stories with a photo of guests trying to get their wristbands with the caption “Guests queuing for the event” Hello! I was there! There was no queue or line at all, Guests don’t even know where to go to get their bands. It was rather a chaos, disorganized setup. The wristbands were very important because the handsome guards looking smart wearing suits are checking for it before you enter the ship. Also, different bands are given so the staffs know where you belong in the seating arrangement if there were even a “seating arrangement” 😒 Funny part was, by the time I got my wristbands(after 30minutes trying to get it), They announced that we don’t need it anymore (coz it was late around 8:35pm) and everyone just rushed into the ship for the show. Isn’t it unfair that the staffs questioned those with normal wristbands if why are they sitting front row? but never asked those who doesn’t have one at all? #smh 🤔

Talking about seating Arrangements, on the first day, I was seating on the second row where I can barely see a thing. I did see the models heads walking pass through while others were enjoying the their lovely view on the front row and they don’t even belong there. Many of us ended up standing the whole show to get a full body glimpse of the models wearing designers haute couture and so we can appreciate the hard work of the amazing designers. You can see the video below to know what am I talking about.

To be honest, I was expecting so much about this event. It wasn’t that grand ball looking event as you would’ve imagined to think it was in the Queen Elizabeth 2. I thought that the meydan hotel venue served them well compare to this one. Also the Meydan hotel seating arrangement were the best seating arrangements they had as all the guests from the front row to the upper row can see the designers creation in full body. I cannot comment anything about the city walk venue, I didn’t attend last year so Let me know in the comments below if how was the city walk venue compare to the QE2.

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Designers never disappoint! Despite of me ranting about the venue, seating arrangements, disorganized staffs, let me tell you how amazed I am with the designers lineup although some of them were not even in the show programme like Vanessa Villafane, I didn’t see her name on the copy of the program. Some mixed up with the timings of the designers during the show too. Also I feel sorry about the designer Maison Lesley, The models wearing her designs were photograph with Vanessa Villafane background on the screen and later they changed it to her name during the finale walk which I have proof in my video below or on my youtube channel. They probably forgot to change it, Staffs were not so attentive (much) with the details as the two designers had a back to back show that second night of Arab Fashion Week.

Second day of Arab Fashion Week, There were not so many people compared to the first day. It was more calm and many empty seats in the front row. I noticed the staffs were not busy at all some of them were just sitting behind me. Also comparing this to the Meydan show, The staffs then were very attentive. If the show were about to start, They were gonna ask the second row people to move on to the front row to fill the seats and so it will look good on photos and videos and more so the guests can enjoy it more. I noticed that the lighting were not good as well.

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Maybe you are thinking if I only went to the fashion show just to noticed their faults and imperfections, I AM NOT. I’ve been to many fashion shows in the last 6 years of my life and as a guest, It is very easy for me to notice the do’s and dont’s of an event, What went wrong and what’s the best I can describe the event. I am blogger it is my duty to notice details and not just go there without writing anything. Also, I attend events so I can meet new people and enjoy the night. I met 3 people on my 2days of attending the event, You’ll see them on my VLOG below! One thing for sure is meeting like minded people who really appreciate events like this is wonderful.

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Of course, as I’ve said above, The designers did not disappoint me. The wide array of different creations were fantastic. You can see the hard work and passion of each designers while the models were gracefully walking the runway wearing their designs. I love that Arab Fashion Week had an open casting, I saw new faces of models and with different colours, I truly enjoyed watching the show and hopefully more colours and faces will be added to this prestigious event for I know that Jacob Abrian is a humble and nice guy that embodies Arab Fashion Week.

Thank you Arab Fashion Week for having me again and always! Cheers to many amazing shows in the future! Congrats for being the first ever fashion week to be held on a floating hotel! Another Milestone achieved! Also, What I said above is only my opinion and my personal experience only and it is my job to share my experience to my lovely readers. Not spreading hate or anything but just being REAL and being myself sharing my real life experience to the world of social media. Thanks for reading guys! x0~💋

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