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10 Things To Do In Sydney Australia – Aussie Blog – Dubai Blogger

One of the country on my Bucket List to visit is Australia. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to other parts of Australia but the Ultimate city that I really wanted to visit in this country is Sydney where I’ve never had a chance to visit yet. I also wanted to stay to one of the vacation rentals in Sydney to make my stay more comfortable and feel at home while enjoying the country during my stay. Nothing like a really good place to stay when traveling.

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Since I’ve never been to Sydney yet, below are the places that I am interested when visiting Sydney that I think you guys should also add it to your list too! if you are going to this city.

1) Sydney Opera House: This is Australia’s Iconic performing-arts venue. Designed by a Danish Architect, The building was opened in October 1973. I am sure that you guys will never miss this one and I am sure that it is on your first list to visit! Don’t forget the selfies and take lots of photos in this iconic building!

2) The Rocks: is an urban locality. Here you can find many tourists and historic area in Sydney City. Also here you can find weekend markets around 100 stalls for you to shop and enjoy. If you like walking through historical areas and buildings The Rocks should be on your list. This place is close to circular quay and harbor bridge which is our next place on the list.

3) Sydney Harbour Bridge: is a must visit when in Sydney! It’s a steel arch bridge that you can see in Sydney Harbour hence the name Sydney Harbour Bridge. This bridge is iconic! Many tourists take their photos here with the nearby Iconic Sydney Opera house that you don’t want to miss. Did you know that Sydney Harbour Bridge is the 6th longest spanning-arch bridge in the world?

4) Bondi Beach: Of course! When visiting Australia, one can never miss the beautiful beach. In Sydney, you can visit this instagrammable Bondi Beach. Don’t tell me you have not seen this beach all over Instagram haha. This beach is nice for when you wanted to just relax and chill, maybe you can come here at the end of the day after your long walk or simply spend your last day here. Did you know that in 2007 the Guinness world record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot was set in Bondi beach?

5) Royal Botanic Garden: For everyone who loves visiting botanical gardens, who loves plants and flowers and other garden related, this places is perfect for you. This Botanical Garden was opened in 1816. The oldest scientific institution in Australia. You can come here for free after your long day visiting other places as this botanical garden is near to the places I’ve mentioned above.

6) Featherdale Wildlife Park: This place was opened in 1972 to what was then a poultry farm. Here you can find some native trees and different plants together with some other wildlife in the park. This place has an amphitheater and they promote education and a lot of information about animals. So if you wanna visit a place where you can see native trees and some wildlife, this is the place I’ll recommend for you.

7) Museum of Sydney: When traveling, my family loves visiting Museums to know the historical and more information about the city or country we are visiting. Definitely Museum of Sydney will be on my list as it has history collection and exhibit that we will surely enjoy. Did you know that this Museum is built on the ruins of the house of the New south wales first governor? Interesting right?

8) Madame Tussauds Sydney: Now this place probably would be on the last of my lists, I just thought I should include it since I’ve never been to one of these places. I know that they have Madame Tussauds in many other countries and different locations but just in case this place will still be on my list of things to do in Sydney.

9) Sydney Fish Market: Going to a country like Australia with such rich culture and near the ocean, You should not miss visiting Sydney Fish Market. Here you can find seafood of course for you to enjoy! Nothing like a fresh catch! Also, another interesting to do if you like cooking is to try their cooking class. You have to book at least 4weeks ahead because they are busy haha or just try to check their website once in a while if you really like to try their classes. You’ll spend 2hours-4hours here.

10) Pylon Lookout: Don’t leave Sydney Australia without visiting this Lookout to see the fantastic view of the city and harbor. Open to public 7days a week 10am-5pm. They are located on the south-east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! So definitely you would want to do this after your iconic photo session with the bridge. There are 200 stairs and you can enjoy some historical exhibits on the way up!

I have so many places that I wanted to visit in Sydney Australia and include in this list! But for now, I hope you guys enjoyed my list and let me know in the comment box below if which one would you like to visit and why? Or share me your blog posts or Name of the places that you wanted to visit there so I can check them out too!

I also wanted to make a list of food to try when in Sydney Australia. Sure is the fresh seafood will be on my first list! I read in dailytelegraph.com.au that there are 21 cult Sydney dishes you must try before you die! Which is one is your favorite? Snow egg dessert looks amazing but I have to spend $175 and eat three other courses before I can order the Snow egg dessert haha mmhh… I’ll have to think about that one and maybe try the Portuguese Tart, Sweet Belem first that will only cost me $3.30 hehe.

I guess I need to save quickly and book my trip and have my vacation rentals in Sydney, Should I get a loft? Or waterfront? Are you excited as I do right now!
Well, I guess I’ll see you guys in Sydney Australia!
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