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Int’l Dubai Fashion Week in Palazzo Versace Dubai – Dubai Blogger

I Missed a couple of fashion shows on the first quarter of the year but I am sure glad that My laziness was totally nowhere to be found this week When I attended the @iDFW Int’l Dubai Fashion Week in Palazzo Versace that was held in Palazzo Versace Dubai. It is my first to attend this fashion show and it did not disappoint at all.

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Guests were all dressed up and the show was awesome. I attended the second day which they have University of Sharjah CFDA student designers and I thought that their designs were really good. Also, some really gorgeous abayas by Apple Wang Couture was one of my favorite of the night. Emmanuel Haute Couture from Malaysia was amazing! The dress with shells and theme of the Ocean is a good choice! The Details of the dresses and the accessories were fascinating, Totally reminds me of AMATO Couture Collection in Fashion Forward Dubai last year that has the same Ocean/ Seashell theme on their dresses. My memories are still fresh from that show and Emmanuel Haute Couture did a great job! Guess I’m missing fashion show in Malaysia so much!

Here’s come my verdict about my first experience in International Dubai Fashion Week – Palazzo Versace Dubai @iDFW. The show was really good and started on time! Hallelujah! Woots! You guys know that most of the fashion shows start so late, so this time this fashion show impressed me with good timing. Also, They never do in between breaks during the show, They announced all the designers back to back to back runway shows the whole night which I thought is a really good Idea! The models and the designers were all very fast in changing clothes and did everything as fast as they could. The show finished around 9:30pm which is another rare experience as all of the fashion shows I’ve been to so far finished so late! One before finished at 1am and that was kind of a torture haha

The seating arrangements were kind of Off for me, I think that The Seats in front where the models stop to pose doesn’t really need to be there at all. It should be clear to give space to all the photographers. Proof that those chairs in front were not supposed to be really there, because, during the show, photographers were just walking around everywhere to find a nice position to take photos/videos, there was one time that these two photographers were fighting because the other one was in the way, Another couple of photographer has this huge umbrella in the front row to take photos, which I think is really bad. Those seats are for VIPs and photographers should not be there blocking the audience.

Also, I think those seats in front where the model stop and pose should not really be there. Because There were so many empty seats in the middle of the stage and the audience side seats, It could have helped them fill the seats if those Front row seat were not there. So don’t wonder why all my video shots have so many heads on it, most of them were photographers that keep on walking around + those people seating in front. I’m so sorry just telling the truth here haha as I’ve been to many fashion shows and I know for sure this seating arrangements could be done properly rather than mess with the whole show and everyone’s experience. Another one, is the runway, I think and It looks slippery, I counted too many times were the models almost fell and stumbled while walking on the runway.

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Well, overall the show was incredible, Designers did not disappoint, aside from me, not liking the seating front row arrangements & the slippery Runway, which I know they can fix next year if they are reading my blog haha Good job to the host too! I think he’s always the host to all the events in Dubai I’ve been to haha Great night and Kudos to the whole team of @iDFW you guys were really good too many positive vibes and great what a Really Great show! If you need models next year Just let me know! Sure I’ll be free for you guys haha Until next time!

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