The Things That Can Go Wrong When You Travel

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The Things That Can Go Wrong When You Travel – Dubai Blogger

Travelling can sometimes be unpredictable. After going through all the hassles of renewing my passport and when you already have your plane tickets, you are always looking forward to a very smooth trip devoid of any incidents. However, sometimes certain things are unavoidable and no matter how much you try, you will always be running into them. But such should not discourage you from traveling, nor should you let them make you lose your peace.

If you know the potential problems you may run into, you will be in a good state of mind to deal with them, should they show up their faces. Below is a look at some of the common things that can go wrong during the course of an otherwise a smooth traveling experience. Have them in mind so that you don’t panic unnecessarily should you be faced with them.

The Things That Can Go Wrong When You Travel , dubai blogger, filipino blogger

Losing luggage
This is perhaps one of the most common things that can go wrong when you travel. Sometimes it is greatly inconveniencing to be informed that your luggage has been left at another airport and it will not be until a day or two before you can have it. In most cases, it leads to a great deal of inconvenience because you’ll have to delay your travel and most probably incur expenses you never planned for. In as much as you will be inconvenienced when it happens, you should not lose your cool and just know that there is no way for you to make it reach you quickly other what you have been told by the airline. I guess it is an inconvenience you have no other option but to simply accept and leave with.

Cancellations and delays
Cancellations and delays are another common problem traveler’s face on a regular basis. Again it is always a source of great inconvenience, only that when it happens, their certain ways you can get compensated by the airline. The most important thing is for you to know your rights before it happens so that the airline can pay for your hotel and get you on the next available flight to your destination. Additionally, this is another reason why you need to have a travel insurance every time you travel. With a travel insurance, it will be easy to take care of the financial upsets you may run into, provided that you keep all the receipts of expenditures arising from the delay or cancellation.

Missing your departures
Missing departures for trains, ferries, and flights is another common problem known too well to most travelers. If you happen to miss your departure for a fault that is not your own, such as due to the weather, then you travel insurance can help you cover for the accruing expenses in getting another flight. However, if you miss the departure due to your own fault, such as getting to the airport late, then you will have to take care of any arising financial expense from your own pocket. The best way, however, for you not to miss a departure is just to get more organized and always ensure to reach the airport in good time. In this manner even in the absence will travel insurance you have nothing to worry about because you’ll always be time to board and to depart.

Lost passport
Passport is a crucial travel document and losing it will not just be inconvenienced, but also, can come with a lot of challenges. It is one of the most frustrating experiences a traveler can ever go through. However, when it happens, the last thing you should do is panic. Simply report the lost passport to the authorities then locate your embassy so that you can get relevant documents to let you travel back home before you can apply for a new one. Again it is always recommended that you should make copies of your passport so that when such incidents happen, you have someplace to start with, not just starting from zero. With a copy of your passport, it will be easy for the authorities to trust you and to help facilitate getting new documents for your travel. I know it can be a harrowing experience to lose your passport when you have just undergone through another renew my passport process back in your home country.

Being Mugged
You may not believe it but being mad is another common problem most travelers face during this time. However,whether or not you get mugged is mostly dependent on your travel destination and the safety precautions you have taken while there. If you’re traveling to a relatively dangerous place, then it’s imperative to have the necessary security you need. Again, you must not show your valuables while walking on the streets. This will be an invitation to the bad guys, telling them you have something for them. They will without a doubt strike and take whatever you showed them you have. Therefore, always be conscious of your safety wherever you are throughout the duration of your trip.

Natural disasters
No man has control over natural disasters and sometimes, they just decide to happen in the country you are visiting. When they do happen, your greatest concern should be your safety, then get in touch immediately with the airline to know if they have any policy regarding natural disasters. Perhaps they could be offering emergency evacuations, which you could take advantage of and get back home as soon as possible.

Political unrests
Lastly, the last thing travelers desire is to be caught in the crossfire of political unrest in their host countries. Things can always go wrong and sometimes they do go wrong very fast and your safety may never be guaranteed in that country. If you happen to be in a country currently experiencing political unrest, you should be wise enough to leave in good time before things escalate or else everything may get paralyzed and no flights may be allowed to take off. Again, at such times, you should get in touch with your embassy and see whatever plans they have for your citizen in that country.

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