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As the name suggests, Premier Dead Sea is an all natural skincare company whose products are inspired by minerals from the Dead Sea. Premier Dead Sea cosmetics laboratories established the brand in 1993. It has a staff of more than 300 in its offices and factories located in Israel.

The Dead Sea is known across the globe for its therapeutic powers. Thousands of people from every part of the world troop to the sea every year to make their skin healthier. Despite the fact that it can treat your skin and restore good health in a most miraculous manner, it doesn’t support life. It’s the water body with the highest content of salt. The salt makes it dense, which means it’s impossible for a swimmer to sink.

On top of it all, the Dead Sea is a wonderful body of water for leisure. It is a highly popular tourist destination in both Israel and Jordon, with hotels and resorts scattered all around it. Premier even has their own piece of shore, the Dead Sea Premier Ein Bokek beach on Trip Advisor.

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Why the Dead Sea?
Many people can’t really explain, scientifically, what goes on when one naturally get treated by the briny waters of the sea. . Normal sea water has a salt concentration of 3 per cent, while the Dead Sea has a remarkable 32 per cent. The sea also has high quantities of minerals like bromide, potassium, calcium and magnesium. These are some of the attributes which gives it abilities such as relaxation of nerves and nourishment of the skin.

More on Premier Dead Sea
It is known that the most effective way to treat yourself, for whichever ailment, is naturally. Scientists at Premier use combine technology and the medicinal powers of the Dead Sea to come up with skin treatments. It is full of minerals such as magnesium and iodine which contribute a lot to a healthy skin.

Premier’s scientists take plant extracts from plants in the Dead Sea, beneficial elements in minerals and liposomes to create the best products for treatment for the skin. The development of the products is in such a way that the skin instantly recognizes their benefits. The company’s products are an embodiment of the healthcare breakthroughs emerging from the union of nature and technology; you can view here Premier Dead Sea recommended products.

Premier operates on the principle that nature and technology can fuse to create the ultimate solutions to skin problems. The innovativeness of the company has earned it unparalleled success in the healthcare industry for two and a half decades. Its products are known to posses the ability to renew and rejuvenate the skin.

The international brand produces products by categories – eye & neck, age defying, masks, cleanse & tone, moisturize, body care, hair care, men’s care and hand & nail. The functions include hydration& protection, lifting & firming, correcting, anti-wrinkle, blemish control and age prevention.

Beneficial elements used by Premier
Black Dead Sea Mud
Found on the shoreline, the minerals in the Dead Sea mud contains organic elements which are known for their medicinal functions including; detoxification, improvement of blood circulation, and skin-softening.

Dead Sea Salt
The Dead Sea has a highest concentration of salt on earth. It has a high level of magnesium, which is crucial in tackling inflammatory problems and hydrating the skin. Potassium, calcium and chloride lift and make the skin firm. Premier Dead Sea uses the purified form of the salt, and can be found in products such as nourishing cleansers, bar soaps and scrubs.

Dunaliella Seaweed
It is known that the Dead Sea doesn’t support life, yet micro-algae by the name Dunaliella thrives in the hostile environment. The seaweed contains a high level of essential fatty acids, proteins, lipids and vitamins which are crucial in the treatment of skin ailments.

Liposome Complex
Premier scientists use watercress and carrots to come up with a vesicle full of phospholipids (liposome). It is used to add nutrients to skincare ingredients to enable them to perform their functions effectively. It’s s an important aspect of developing each skincare formula at Premier.

Plant Stem Cells
Plant stem cells have the amazing ability of repairing or renewing damaged cells. They are also an important part of the facial serum because they aid in bringing out the hydrating function of moisturizers and face creams. They also provide an exceptional anti-aging effect.

The revolutionary skincare brand marks its 25th anniversary of scientifically getting the best out of Dead Sea minerals. It collaborated with international singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer Mariah Carey in the celebrations. Mariah Carey, the latest beauty ambassador of the skincare brand, joins a list of celebrities who endorse Premier.

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