Learn how to pack boxes while shifting your house

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Learn how to pack boxes while shifting your house – Dubai Blog

Packing is not a difficult task, but it is, especially when you are shifting your house. A house has everything from small items to big such as furniture and packing every single item is a daunting task. Also, packing needs to be organized, and some things are so fragile that they can break if not kept carefully. You also need plenty of boxes to fit everything in them. Even if you get sufficient boxes, it can still be difficult to pack everything on your own. What you need is a little help so that you can keep your valuable the items safe and shift them to your new place without any hassle.

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Here are some ways you can plan while moving?
1. Organize the boxes
An organization is vital in every work especially when it comes to packing. To organize the boxes for packaging, you can start this way:
Plan before due date– packing takes a lot of time hence you need to start it earlier, say 2 or 3 weeks early. This will give you enough time to plan and pack everything beforehand. Your aim should be to complete the work before the day you plan to move. Make the plan for every room. How many boxes will you need to finish packing a room? How many boxes will you need to pack items of a room? Get answer of these questions for every room.
Buy packing supplies– you will need materials for packing other than boxes. You can get every material for wrapping at the nearest hardware store or post office or from the office supply store. What material will you need? Buy a pack of tape, masking tape, packing peanuts, bubble wraps, plastic wraps, marker, etc.…
Estimate number of boxes’- you cannot decide the number of boxes that will be needed. Either you may buy boxes in abundance or fewer amounts. The best way is to use square footage. For example- you need 15 small boxes, 13 medium, six large and three extra large boxes for 700-900 feet of area. For the larger area, you will need more boxes.
No damage– use only new boxes that have no rips, tears or any other kind of damage. Don’t buy or use older boxes as they cannot bear the weight of the packed stuff and thus will fall apart. Even movers will refuse to load or unload the sturdy boxes.

Learn how to pack boxes, what to do when moving to another house, dubai blogger, filipino blogger, lifestyle blog
The second step is to separate the items.
2. Separate items
To separate them, follow the below steps
Create a list– a list will make your work easier. Write down on a notepad and make a list of the things that need to be packed. Make a list for every room including bathroom, porches, bedroom, and hallways.
Separate as per usage– before packing things; keep things aside that need to be put together. Later, it will help you in finding things. For example, keep books in a separate box, lamps in other boxes, towels and other clothes in the different box, etc.
Place small items together- keep the small details like tools, pens, paperweights, paper clips, staples and other small things together.
Stick them– screws, wires and other hardware are hard to find out. Put them in bag or plastic bags so that you can find them later. You can also stick these bags at the back of their respective devices so that during assembling you use right screws for the right device.
Identify important items– while moving you will need towels, toiletries, and other items. Pack them in an overnight bag. Don’t keep them with other boxes; keep it separate in a truck so that you get it easily when you need it.

Learn how to pack boxes, what to do when moving to another house, dubai blogger, filipino blogger, lifestyle blog
Other items that are fragile need to be packed separately.
3. Pack non-breakable items
You should pack non-breakable items in paper bags, tissue paper or even clothing. Use plastic bags or wrap to cover liquid. For better packing, use zipper bags that will seal them perfectly. You can also use peanut paper to fill the extra gaps. Make a layer of these into bags and then place the items. Place the heavy items like books and other necessary items at the bottom of a box. Seal the bag with clear or mask tape. Use extra layers of tape to seal it correctly. When you reach the destination, you will need to put every box in their right place. Label each box with a name of their respective places so that at the time of rearrangement you place items in their respective rooms. It will ensure that every item will reach to the place where they belong without missing any item. Use the marker to name them. Write names at the front and back of boxes. Keep the sides containing the name on the front?

4. Pack fragile objects
Every house has some fragile objects like photo frames, glass items or crockery that can easily break. You can ask movers for select boxes that have columns to keep such fragile items. These boxes have separates that prevent the object from colliding with other. Also, use paper peanuts to fill the extra spacing and fill the box so that the object doesn’t move easily while traveling. To keep glasses, fill newspaper inside it; pack it in bubble wrap as they protect them from breaking. Don’t use towels or other clothes to fill the space left in the boxes as they don’t protect such fragile objects.

Remember that you should pack every material in the box of their size. Don’t pack small items in big boxes and vice versa. It will increase the possibility of breakdown and so to avoid them use appropriate boxes. As said earlier, label the boxes, you should also label the box according to the type of material kept inside it. For boxes with soft or breakable items, use fragile as a label

So, while packing the items in your house while shifting, use these effective tips and keep your moving and items safe. You can also take help of movers, and they will guide you about the effective packing according to the different types of materials.

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