Puppy Potty Training: Main Things Owner has to know

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Puppy potty training: Main things owner has to know – Dubai Blog
As you might’ve presumed, there are lots of things that an owner has to learn about training a puppy. In a way, all these training routines are connected as each training you complete successfully makes it easier to teach a dog new things. When puppies are young they are like sponge and it is much easier to work with them. This is why you need to be assertive during the initial months of dog’s life.

Potty training is especially problematic. Not only do you have to do it right but you also need to do it quickly. Otherwise there is a good chance that the dog will ruin your carpets.

If you’re a new owner and have no idea how to start training your dog, here are some valuable tips from Kaufmann’s Puppy Training that will surely help you out!

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1. You have to be in control at all times
Like with small kids, there are certain people who are not assertive enough with dogs. They find it too hard to impose their will and discipline a dog when necessary. In most cases this is counterproductive and will result in a dog who lacks discipline and is generally disobedient. If you wish to teach your dog how to potty, you need to assert your dominance and make sure that the dog listens to your every command.

2. Avoid physical punishment
While dominance and control are paramount for successful training, you have to do it the right way. In this case it’s necessary to show a dog who’s the boss without using physical punishment. Hitting or abusing a dog can be rather cruel but even worse it can lead to certain issues later on. If you hit a dog because it peed on a carpet, dog can easily interpret that he made the fault by simply peeing and this can be disastrous. As a result, dog can get stressed each time it needs to pee or poo. It can also deteriorate your relationship and dog may even get traumatized.

3. Creating routine
In order for a dog to get used to peeing outside, it needs to have a routine. When I say routine, I am not only referring to going outside at the same time; I am also talking about feeding a dog at the precise time. You need to make sure that a dog has good metabolism and that it works properly each day. This way, dog will get used to peeing or pooing at the same time. When it comes to meals, it’s necessary to provide the same exact meals each day. This will allow you to regulate dog’s metabolic activity making pottying more predictable.

4. Give praise
Praising and scolding are things that work like a charm. Even if your dog doesn’t understand commands, it will definitely understand your body language. By showing a dog that it’s not ok to pee at home and likewise, that it’s great to pee outside, dog is learning what is acceptable and what is not. It will also be stimulated to repeat such behavior over and over again as it will receive praise and avoid scolding.

5. Create basic commands
While this isn’t something that will work straight away, try to implement it as soon as possible. Basic commands can be used for almost anything including pottying. This is how a dog can tell what is required from it.

There you go! These awesome tricks are really easy and will ensure that your dog gets a proper potty training. Just make sure to be consistent and persistent and there is no reasons why you shouldn’t succeed!

PhotoCredit: http://www.kaufmannspuppytraining.com/how-to-potty-train-a-puppy-fast/

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