Choosing A Custom-Made Ring According To Budget And Personality

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Choosing A Custom-Made Ring According To Budget And Personality – Dubai Blogger

Many people choose to go the route of having an engagement ring custom-made. After all, an engagement ring is special. It’s significant of a big life change. And adding a personal touch takes the ring to an entirely new level.
So, how do you decide on a custom ring? Your first steps are to base the decision on budget and personal style.

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1. Setting a Custom-Made Ring Budget
When it comes to price, things can definitely get awkward. But, when it comes to jewellery, your budget really does determine what a jeweller can do for you. It’s important to set realistic expectations and pick a budget you can comfortably afford. Once that’s done, the jeweller can work on a plan to visually optimise your budget within the designs you have in mind.

If you’re not yet ready to visit a jeweller to get your custom diamond engagement rings, there are plenty of advice online on how to set your budget.

2. Choosing a Ring Based on Her Style and Personality
Whether you are a bride-to-be working on your engagement ring design, or you’re the groom-to-be choosing a special ring for her, understanding how lifestyle and personal style considerations play into your decision is very important.

Keep in mind that an engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that is usually worn all day, every day. It needs to work with most outfits the bride-to-be will wear, and it ought to seamlessly fit into her lifestyle and wardrobe for years to come.

Whether she is incredibly glamorous or fabulously eccentric, it’s important not to get caught in a rabbit hole of more spectacular, larger or more intricate and the like. Remember, an engagement ring is going to stand out anyway – people always notice it.

So, it’s important to understand her personal style and taste to ensure you pick a ring to complement who she is. A few things to consider include:

  • If you find a design that seems too intricate, it can always be refined, and details subtracted.
  •  Each design you come across or have in mind can be slightly changed to be thinner, lighter, bulkier – whatever suits her personality – without compromising the look of the ring.
  •  If you’ve found a design but don’t like the shape of the diamond, it can easily be adjusted to suit taste, style and budget.

Meeting with a Jeweller
Once you have a good grasp of her personal style and you’ve set a realistic budget, you can start gathering a few resources to take along to your consultation with the jeweller, such as:

  •  Insight in to her fashion sense and dress-style preferences
  • Photos of jewellery she currently owns and loves to wear on a regular basis
  • A theme-board of ideas and designs that can be worked on according to your budget

If you’re not involving your lucky lady in the ring making process, don’t go overboard. Just because she loves goth style furniture doesn’t mean she wants to wear a vintage, goth-style engagement ring for years to come. Think along the lines of her favourite flowers, shapes and colours. You don’t have to order a flower-shaped orange ring, but it’s worth understanding her taste and preferences.

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