How Do You Choose & Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings?

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How Do You Choose & Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings? – Dubai Blogger

A ring is a symbol of love, promise, and commitment. That is why engagement or wedding rings are adorned with precious stones. The promise or the commitment behind the rings is something which the wearer must hold dearly in his or her heart.

When it comes to wedding rings, couples should talk about the type of ring they prefer until they come up with a choice they both love. As for the engagement ring, like those stunning engagement rings Sydney jewellers offer, the man should put in his mind his woman’s preferences, because it is all about getting her “yes”.

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Selecting Sizes

It would be a shame if that beautiful ring that you have presented to your ladylove does not fit her when you put it on her finger. The excitement will die down a bit, and you would be taking another time to get it adjusted. If you have gotten the right measurement of her finger, the proposal would have gone smoothly and you will be just celebrating your love with tears of happiness. To not ruin the moment, you should make an effort to discreetly get her size. The surprise and happiness on her face will be worth it.

For wedding rings, you both should be going to the jewellers to have your measurements taken. Remember that you will be wearing these rings for the rest of your life. Sticking to a ring that does not fit your finger will be a lifetime hassle. You would have to remove your ring and that is something your partner would not like.

Selecting Diamonds

If you do not know what you want, it might be hard for you to choose from a long list of diamonds being offered to you. It might be tempting even to pick the biggest and most brilliant stone, forgetting your budget. Always pick something that fits your style and lifestyle. Having knowledge about diamonds, especially about the 4C’s, is a good start. If your ladylove wants something truly unique, there are colored diamonds to choose from that are just as fabulous as clear ones. It is best if you get your rings customized as well.

Selecting Bands

Choosing the band is part of the process. You can have it in gold or silver or in another type of metal. Make sure the band matches or accommodates the stone. Give it a setting that will enhance the diamond even more.

Where Do Your Rings Go?

People will see your rings, and your ladylove may tell stories about the engagement ring every time you two meet new people who want to know what it meant to you to marry one another.

How you wear your rings is a personal choice. Some women choose to wear their engagement ring behind their wedding ring after the wedding ceremony, and there are other women who will choose to wear their wedding band behind their engagement ring.

You can come up with the most fantastic engagement or wedding rings in the world. What matters most is the person you are having the ring for. You may begin shopping for the right diamonds and use those diamonds to make your look perfect, but if it is something your significant other does not like, then all the effort will just be put to waste. So, make choices with him or her in your mind all the time.

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