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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Dubai – My Personal Experience – Dubai Blogger

2days before New Year counting down to 2018, I had a Wisdom Tooth Removal in Dubai. Not that it hurts or anything, But after my miserable experience January 2016 with my lower left wisdom tooth, My dentist advised that I remove my 2 upper left/right wisdom teeth before it starts hurting as I cannot brush and clean them properly. My 2016 wisdom tooth removal in Dubai took me about 2-3 months to heal because it was impacted to the next tooth. It was horrible days of pain and not to be able to eat is like the end of the world haha I had soup, or rice congee, porridge like forever.

So just to be on a safer side and I don’t want to experience a horrible night of toothaches again, I decided to visit Medeor Hospital in Bur Dubai for a Dental Appointment. I booked my appointment that evening and had my 1st wisdom tooth out. It was a very quick session! I was surprised how fast my dentist did it. So I went home, and rest then sleep. I didn’t eat anything that night and the next day.

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The next day, I am back to Medeor Hospital for my 2nd dental appointment operation wisdom tooth removal in dubai haha Again, that night session was very quick. 2-nights and 2-days I had wisdom tooth removal and no food, Yes! You read it right! I was fasting I guess? No food for 2-days and had 2 wisdom teeth removal sounds like pretty intense. But I was also amazed myself that I didn’t feel any pain at all from the day-1 to day-2 session without food. Of course, I was weak but talking about my wisdom tooth removal, It was all easy and I didn’t feel any pain at all, only had 1-pain medicine and that’s it!

After my 2nd session of wisdom tooth removal, and 2-days of no food, the 3rd day I had soup only. Then I decided to cook me some yummy rice congee and made it more soupy than thick so I can swallow it easily. I had that rice congee for 5-days. No problem brushing my teeth, No pain at all. Also, I had lots and lots of Ice Cream I can have in a day haha After finishing my batch of rice congee for 5-days I started eating bread with mushroom soup, or rice with scrambled eggs.

I am not very creative with food at all, But I love eating my rice congee haha Obviously, I can have it for months. Some food you can eat, mashed potato/cauliflower, jello, scrambled eggs, ice cream, rice congee, porridge, oatmeal, protein shakes, silken tofu, yogurt, applesauce, what else? Make sure that in the 1st 5-days after your tooth removal, you don’t want anything that will get stuck in your tooth. If It’s rice congee, swallow it right away, so I suggest you make it soupier. Don’t brush your teeth for 2-days rinse with warm water mix with salt every time you finish eating or whenever you feel like to clean the wound.You don’t want any infection to happen.

Medeor Hospital is open 24/7 they have 3 branches, Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. My dentist is Dr. Benjamin Samuel a really nice and friendly doctor, easy to talk to together with his pretty Filipina assistant which I don’t really know her name so forgive me haha You can visit their website http://www.medeor247dubai.com/home/ to check what specialties they have. I totally recommend them compare to the other 2 dental clinics I had before. The first 2 dental clinics I had was very expensive. It took me around 1000++ just for the checkup and teeth cleaning, Where in Medeor Hospital, I didn’t have anything expensive for any dental experience I had.

I guess that’s all it. Now my wisdom teeth problem is all gone. I’ve been carrying this problem for a year and happy that I finally decided to do my wisdom tooth removal in dubai. Now I can all eat the food I want without worrying that my wisdom teeth will crack or will give me so much pain. Hope you guys like this blog post!

If anything you want to ask me personally about my experience, Please do leave a comment below! Will surely answer them as fast as I can to help you guys!

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