Is There A Right Way To Wear A Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring?

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Is There A Right Way To Wear A Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring – Dubai Blogger

Once you are wed and have a gorgeous engagement ring and a wedding band, you may wonder how to wear your beautiful rings. Should you wear both rings on the one (traditional) ring finger on your left hand, or perhaps your engagement ring above your wedding band? Perhaps you should wear them on separate fingers? Let’s take a look.

Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring

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1. Wearing them on your ring finger with the wedding band on top
Your first option is to wear both rings on your traditional ring finger, on the left hand. You could place them in the order you received them, too, so the diamond ring underneath the wedding band. This is a traditional way to wear your rings, but it does depend on your fingers and your style of rings.

2. Wearing them on your ring finger with the engagement ring on top
This is also a very traditional way to wear your rings from Serendipity Diamonds. You can wear both rings on your left-hand ring finger with your engagement ring on top. Some people do this because it looks better, others because they just prefer it, and others for sentimental reasons.

3. Wearing your wedding band on one finger and your engagement ring on another finger
Another, and somewhat less traditional, option is to wear your wedding band on your right-hand ring finger and your engagement ring on your left-hand ring finger. This is a great option if you have shorter fingers and prefer not to wear too many rings on one finger. What’s more, some women don’t have matching ring sets, so the rings might not look great together. On the other hand, the ring may be so stunning that you want to display it on one finger, on its own, and without distraction.

4. You could alternate between rings
While the intention is to wear both your engagement ring and your wedding band, and many women do wear both, some prefer not to wear them both at the same time. This might be because one ring is very expensive, and you prefer to only wear it on special occasions. Or, it could be because two rings are just too much for you to wear and you prefer a simpler approach.

5. Wearing your engagement ring on your left-hand ring finger and your wedding band on any other finger
It is most common for engagement rings to be worn on the left-hand ring finger. Most people who choose to wear an engagement ring do stick to tradition. Often, promise rings are worn on the right-hand ring finger. But, your wedding band can be worn on pretty much any finger you prefer.

While there are certainly traditional ways of wearing your wedding band and engagement ring, there really is no rule of thumb. Each person should do what they feel is best and most comfortable. After all, beautiful rings look good on any finger, no matter which finger they may be on.

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