How to plan a long vacation trip to Dubai

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How to plan a long vacation trip to Dubai – Dubai Blogger

Dubai is a fantastic city to visit, however, there are some factors you need to bear in mind before visiting it. On top of these factors is whether, from mid-October to mid-April, while much of the northern world is buttoned up in the cold, Dubai is bathed in hot sunshine, the sky is clear, and the temperature is very cool. This period is considered high season when most outdoor activities and special events take place. It’s also the most expensive period too.

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1- Finding a Visa
There are some passports that don’t need a visa to go to Dubai (or Abu Dhabi) which is a part of The United Arab Emirates like for example the US Visa. However, other nationalities need to apply online for the visa. In a very simple procedure, your Visa will be easily obtained.

2- Reaching the city
The most popular air carrier is Fly Emirates. They always have great deals and offers on Dubai journeys Emirates airlines fly from several cities around the world. Visitors can check their website for offers and booking flights
They also offer free transit stops in Dubai. On your way to the city, you could meet several people who were taking advantage of traveling to other countries on Emirates and stopped in the city of Dubai on the way.
Taking Etihad Airways into Abu Dhabi and take a shuttle bus or taxi one hour to Dubai is also one comfortable and convenient idea. Qatar Airways is another options. There are some other economic air carriers like Air Arabia and other.

3- Moving around Dubai
Just like any other big city around the world, there is a lot of traffic in Dubai. There is also rush hour traffic. You should be aware that the work week in Dubai starts from Sunday to Thursday. The weekend days are Friday and Saturday. The weekend days could affect the time it takes by car/taxi or bus to get from one location to the other. Traffic is much lighter on the weekends. For the best prices, it’s better to use regular taxi cabs and not the fancy Lexus ones.You should check also if there is a meter in the taxi, you can also ask about the taxi fare how much will it be from one location to the next.

Dubai has a very nice, modern, and easy to use Metro system. During the week and rush hour, this may be your best bet based on the traffic. There is another way to see Dubai which is a bus, there are two systems available. Both systems are located at the Dubai mall for pickup and have different routes that take you to all the main areas. However, you should take care of the timing as sometimes due to Thursday rush hour traffic some tourists can’t see as much as during their bus tour. Therefore, if you decide to do this, start early in the morning, do it on a weekend or purchase a multi-day pass.

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Where to go?

Burj Khalifa
The extraordinary Burj Khalifa is all that Dubai means – growth, greatness and wealth. The entry to the top observation deck at Burj Khalifa can be booked online, it costs 125 dirhams for an adult. It could also be bought at the entrance. However, it is better to book in advance since the cost is around one-fourth of the counter price (400 Dirhams per adult). You can also pick a time of your preference on booking. Here is the panoramic view of the whole city from the 124th floor.

The popular desert Safari in the emirate holds together fun, culture, food, unforgettable moments and total entertainment all in a few hours. It is an exciting activity to do with friends or family. The safari SUVs will pick you up right from where you’re staying. The tour starts with bashing the dunes, during this activity a caravan of vehicles drives up and down the sand dunes, some as high as seven-floor buildings.

By the end of the ride, there is a traditional Arabic-style camp in the middle of the desert where visitors can have camel rides, watch belly dancing shows, smoke Sheesha, get Henna painting and eat delicious spread of Lebanese cuisine. During night, the cold desert breeze will hit you, and the SUVs will drive you back to the city, leave you with magnificent unforgettable moments that will last with you a very long time.

The old city
The boat ride will take you to the old part of this city. The part where trade and fishing took place in old Dubai. Here is the real authentic Arabic atmosphere, visitors can walk the streets with friends. The bazaar retains a true spirit of the past, and is a wholesale market for many products cloth, carpets and a number of other goods. Bargain unabashedly. will help you find the best places to stay and visit during your visit to Dubai.

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