Know about the Correct Blood Sugar Levels Chart by Age

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Know about the correct Blood sugar levels chart by age — Dubai Blogger

Understanding about the blood sugar level of the body is an essential step towards being aware of your body. If you know what blood sugar level means and how to keep it in control, you can live a healthy and long life without any problem. The blood sugar means the amount of glucose present in the blood. It is very important to maintain the blood sugar level because an untamed glucose level can cause serious life taking problems. The human body works tightly to balance the blood sugar level in the body by secreting insulin from the pancreas. All this is done as a part of metabolic homeostasis.

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Besides the fact that body regulates the blood sugar level, it may still increase or decrease due to various factors. The excess or shortage of sugar level in blood cannot be maintained but the body at times forcing a person to take medical help. When the body is unable to utilize or produce insulin in an appropriate amount, the blood sugar level increases making a person diabetic. It is known to all that diabetes is a serious issue and carries a lot of problem with it. To avoid all these problems, it is important for a person to know how to balance the blood sugar levels and a standard amount of blood sugar that has to be maintained. For this, we are here with a proper Blood sugar levels chart by age that will guide you to the proper level to be maintained at the right time.

Know about blood sugar
You are quite familiar with the term blood sugar but do you know what it actually refers to? The blood sugar level refers to the amount of glucose and energy present in the body of a person or animal. It is the glucose of our body that keeps us energetic and moving all day. A person with low glucose would not be able to walk, as it is one of the main components of a human body. Having a high glucose level can make you diabetic and low glucose level is also not favorable. You have to keep a balance between both the situations to live a healthy life.

What is a normal blood sugar level?
A normal blood sugar level depends on situation to situation. It is different in case of a child, adult, and case of a diabetic and non-diabetic person. However, the blood sugar level of an average person with normal health lies between 72 mg to 108 mg. The level may vary from person to person as well. You can prefer the Blood sugar levels chart by age and by their state of health to be clear about the situation.

Normal blood sugar level in an adult
As mentioned above, if the person is having glucose level between 72 mg to 108 mg then he is perfectly normal. Every adult must try to maintain this level all the time for healthy living. It is said that the blood sugar level is generally 72 mg or 68 mg when the person is empty stomach and rises after the meal.

Normal blood sugar level in children
For children who are below the age of 6 years, the average blood sugar level to be maintained is between 100 mg to 180 mg before having a meal and can increase up to 200 mg after a meal. For children of age above 6 years but below 12 years, the level of blood sugar before eating must be between 90 mg to 180 mg. Their glucose level in the body before going to sleep must be 100 mg to 180 mg. As the child grows further, his or her average sugar level becomes similar to that of an adult.

The blood sugar level keeps fluctuating during the day. Normal fluctuations are natural and ordinary whereas dramatic or unusual fluctuations in the blood sugar level must not be taken lightly. The unusual changes in the sugar level can lead you to a serious diabetic issue. Here are some of the points that you can refer to know about how a Blood sugar levels chart would have looked.

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Blood sugar levels, their effect, and action needed:

You have read about the average blood sugar level in a body, but it is also very important to be aware of the situations when your sugar levels are fluctuating greatly. We have discussed some of the points below, which will tell you about the effects and measures to be taken at different blood sugar levels:
At 50 mg- if your sugar level is this then you have to take some serious measures. This blood level indicates dangerously low blood sugar level, and you must seek immediate medical attention for this. This level comes in a high-risk zone.
At 70 mg-, your blood sugar is low, and the situation is moderately risky, in this case, a person must not take any chance and see the doctor as soon as possible.
At 72 mg to 108 mg-, this level is normal, and there is no risk involved in this case. The person with this range need not take any action.
At 120 mg to 180 mg- at this level, your blood sugar level is on the borderline. No risk must be taken in this situation as it may convert into diabetes. The person must consult a doctor and can adopt some home remedies as well.
At 215 mg to 280 mg- at this level, the blood sugar level is high, and the risk is also high. A person must seek medical attention in short notice.
At 315mg or above- this is a dangerously high blood sugar level case. The person must seek the immediate medical care of he may have to compromise with his life.

Taking medical attention is important, but the most important thing is to prevent the situation in which medical attention is needed.
If a person takes proper care of his body by taking proper diet and exercising regularly, he can keep his blood sugar level in control. With the help of Blood sugar levels chart by age, you can now know the normal level and take measures to maintain it.

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