9 Ways To Enjoy Your Fighter Jet Experience

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9 Ways To Enjoy Your Fighter Jet Experience

A flight in a jet fighter is certainly an experience you will never forget. We’ve put together some questions and answers that will ensure you enjoy your flight to the max.

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1. Is it safe?
Yes, a jet fighter flight is completely safe. The aircraft is maintained to the highest possible standards, and pilots are required to keep up their qualifications and standards.

2. Can I wear glasses?
You may wear glasses during the flight, provided they feel comfortable in your helmet.

3. Can I eat beforehand?
Yes, and you should eat, you’re going to need some energy for a thrilling jet fighter flight experience and especially in order to sustain G-force. So, have a reasonable meal, for lunch or breakfast and try not to drink any alcohol, even the day before your ride. You are going to need a clear mind and the energy to cope with the so-called stress and emotions of the jet fighter ride. So, be sure to eat lightly and stay away from any drinks or foods that tend to give you a funny tummy. That includes caffeine!

4. Can happens if I get sick?
Don’t be worried about being sick during this experience. If you are, all you have to do is let the pilot know that you’re not feeling great. You will be in constant communication with your pilot, so don’t be scared to let him know. The aerobatics are usually saved for towards the end of the journey, so the program can always be shortened if you’re feeling awful. Just don’t worry about it too much.

5. Can I take my camera?
No, it’s dangerous to have moving objects in the cockpit.

6. What about getting a film of a flight?
While you may not be allowed to take your camera in the jet, many jets have mounted action cameras in the cockpit to record the experience, and you can request a copy of the film afterwards.

7. Should I book sooner rather than later?
It’s a good idea to try and book as far in advance as you possibly can to make sure you get to fly on your preferred date.

8. Can I bring anyone along for the adventure?
Yes, whether you want to bring some friends or loved ones, bring them along to share the amazing experience. Sometimes, they will be allowed on the tarmac to take a couple of photos of you when you’re in the jet, and they will get to watch you take-off and land.

9. Will I need to take it easy after the experience?
Yes, it’s a good idea to rest. Sustaining G-force can be really exhausting and it’s pretty normal for people who have never before flown in a jet to feel tired after the flight. So, plan to rest for a little while before setting off after your flight it can take half an hour to an hour to regain your energy.

Remember all those points and rest assured that you’ll enjoy the entire experience.

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