5 Popular and Often Used Fabrics Of Today

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5 Popular and Often Used Fabrics Of Today – Where to buy Fabric online?

There are many different kinds of fabrics available nowadays. If you are new to the fashion and clothing scene, you might want to know the most popular and commonly used ones in the industry. You might want to know each and every fabric’s characteristics and how it affects the overall look, style, and texture of certain clothing.

Whether you just want to shop for the latest clothing trends or visiting a fabric store for a project, choosing the perfect fabric is not that easy. With the hundreds of choices available, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. So to help you out pick the best and most suitable one, here’s a list of the most popular fabrics used for making clothes and other garments.

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Cotton is the most popular and often used fabric around the globe. It is a natural fiber of the cotton plant and very versatile, comfortable and easy to care for. Cotton is often combined with another type of fiber to produce a product that is durable and comfortable to wear. Cotton easily absorbs water and moisture and can withstand the heat and retains color easily. Cotton fabric is often used in making shirts, pants and dresses and kids’ clothing.

Linen is a perfect fabric if you wanted a cool, lightweight and breathable outfit or garment. Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant and been coveted for thousands of years. Lots of people consider linen as a luxurious fabric symbolizing purity and wealth. It’s a perfect one to use for hot weather for its coolness and freshness. It’s very easy to care for, easy to clean and three times stronger than cotton. Linen is often used in shirts, dresses, blouses and other types of men and women’s apparels.

Polyester is a fabric that is often used with other type of fabrics to create durable and fade-free garments. It’s very comfortable to the skin, easy to wash and to care for. Polyester fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily making them perfect for uniforms and professional wear. Since this is made from synthetic fibers, it has a stronger resistance against water, wind and other environmental type of disturbance compared to plant-derived fibers (like cotton and linen).

Wool is bulkier and heavier than other type of fabrics. Wool is usually used on heavy type of clothing or garments like those used by fire-fighters and soldiers. Because of its resistance against extreme cold weather, it’s the fabric often used for making winter apparel. It’s also now being used in high-quality and durable suits and other type of men’s and women’s outdoor wear. Wool fiber comes from sheep, cashmere, (mohair) goats and (angora) rabbits.

Nylon was created to supply the great demand for silk. It was extensively used during the times of World War II as it’s the fabric used in making parachutes. Nowadays, nylon is used more often in women’s stockings and other types of garments. It’s a very affordable fabric, durable and can last longer than its counterparts.
These are just few of many fabrics available on the market today. For more extensive information about each and every one of them, its best to do your own study and research (based on the materials available freely via the internet) or better yet, ask for professional help.

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